Email Testimonials....Worthless?

by Roy Carter 2 replies
Hi Guys,

I'm holding some great testimonials on file that have been emailed to me, but are they worthless?

Don't get me wrong, in terms of boosting my ego a bit they are great and i'm very glad to have them (everyone likes to be appreciated).


Are testimonials like this believed anymore? I mean, if you put them on your site
does anyone actually believe they're real?

I think that these days everyone knows that any Tom, Dick or Mary can just make up a testimonial and add it to their sales page (and they do - some of them are so obvious they are almost laughable).

So what in your opinion is the best way to present testimonials on a sales page these days?

Bare text testimonial?

Text testimonial with a photo of the sender?

Video Testimonial?

All of the above can be completely made up, so are testimonials pretty much worthless these days?

What do you think?

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    Hi Roy,
    I don't think testimonials are worthless. In fact, I have a WSO going about how to give good testimonials. Testimonials can take on a life of their own for the person giving them, and create additional social proof for the person who has them on their sales pages.

    I think the addition of a picture to the text makes them more believable (and less likely to be made up), plus a picture draws the eye to the text next to it.

    Video testimonials seem to be the way it's going these days.

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      I am not sure that they are believed anymore ... with so much scamming going on ... its hard ... people only work or buy stuff from others who they have certian amount of trust in ... now these email testimonials can easily be faked ...

      I remember getting this one testimonial where the lady was supposed to be australian making alot of money with a program that she used in her home town in australia ... and she was holding a cheque of a bank in america .... so how stupid could this all be .....

      Anways good luck to those guys who still do it ...

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