Calling all website designers. I NEED A QUOTE

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Hi fellow warriors

My girlfriend is starting a personalised canvas/poetry printing business.

She as found a website that does all the things that she wants it to do.

(Canvas4Life - Photos on Canvas & canvas prints), nothing to do with us.

I was wondering how much a web designer would charge to put together a site like this.

Anyone interested in giving me a quote?

Be glad to hear from you

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    Hi Simon

    The site , besides the dynamic canvas functionality , would probably cost around $350 - $500. The canvas bit is flashed based , and flash skills usually cost a wack extra - maybe $800 extra to develop that. PM me with a list of requirements and I can give you some more details.

    Hope that helps. This price will vary quite dramatically - some designers would never go as low as $1000 for that site , and some would maybe produce lower quality and charge much less.
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    For design + static page coding, you should expect a quote around the $500 - $1500+ range. For the custom functionality/canvass ordering/online payments, you can expect it to be around $2,000 - $3,000+ range.

    You may get a better deal if you outsource it via RentACoder or GetAFreelancer but that's the ideal and fair price range.


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    You might find this "quote" useful..

    "People commonly educate their children as they build their houses, according to some plan they think beautiful, without considering whether it is suited to the purposes for which they are designed."
    ~~Mary Wortley Montagu
    John's Internet Marketing News, Views & Reviews: John Taylor Online
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    thanks John

    really helpful

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    For a site exactly like that, it would be in the $3000 range, only because of the flash based canvases. Could be done for about $1900 without flash, but look and function just and nicely.
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    I think that what John was referring to in his post was that the link provided is obviously a high-end expensive site, and if you have to ask what it costs.... Perhaps your girlfriend would be better off if she first started off with a small, simple website and then expanded from there.

    LAD Web Design

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