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It's been a while since I've been on the Warrior Forum so I thought I'd hop on over here and reveal my top 3 traffic strategies. Enjoy!

1. High-Profile Content Syndication

High-Profile Content Syndication is something I talk about quite a bit. Especially now that article marketing is becoming less and less effective.

High-Profile Content Syndication is basically a twist on traditional article marketing.
It takes article marketing one step further. But the results that you can get from it are exponential - allowing you to easily generate 10x as much traffic than traditional article marketing.

So instead of just submitting your articles to sites like,, and other article directories, you take it a step further by submitting your articles to high-profile websites, blogs, and newsletters online.

So, for example, if you have a blog about sports, you could submit your articles to , one of the most popular sports websites online.

If you have a website about parenting, you could submit articles to

If you have a website about finance, you could submit articles to, which is one of the top 100 blogs online.

Other popular finance sites where you can either submit articles or guest posts include:

If you're in the health and fitness market, you can submit articles to,, and (all of which get hundreds of thousands of visitors every month.)

If you have a website about Internet Marketing, then you can submit your articles to sites like,,,,, and

No matter what market you're in, there are very popular websites that you could be submitting articles to for massive traffic.

So if you're already doing traditional article marketing and submitting your articles to places like and then great. But just take that a step further by syndicating your articles to these high-profile websites and you'll quickly see a dramatic increase in your traffic.

Plus, you can then take that content and turn it into PDF ebooks.

I'm using this technique myself to drive thousands of extra visitors and build hundreds of extra subscribers for every article I write.

Here's what you do...

First, you take one of your articles, or a collection of related articles and you turn it into a PDF. You can do this for free at or

You then submit your newly created ebook to and

This one simple strategy is going to send you hundreds of extra visitors for every ebook you submit.

Important Note: You MUST make sure that you have links pointing back to your website throughout the ebook. Along with a promo at the end of your reports that sends people to your squeeze page. That's the key to building a large list of subscribers with your ebooks.

That's all there is to it!

Simply turn your articles into a PDF report and then submit your PDF to and

There are lots of other ebook directories you can submit to but I've found that those 2 are going to send you 99.9% of the traffic.

The best part about this technique is that you're able to use existing content. So there's very little additional work involved. You simply convert your existing content into PDF format and then leverage it for additional traffic and exposure.

Extremely Powerful!

You can then submit your ebook to the top document sharing sites like,,,, and

You can then repurpose your articles into other formats. You can take the article and convert it into video that you can submit to all of the different video sharing sites online. Then strip out the audio and submit that to all of the different podcast directories. You can then convert that same content into a series of Powerpoint slides that can be submitted to sites like,,, etc...

There are so many people who are simply writing articles, submitting them to article directories and then that's it. But they're leaving sooo much traffic on the table. They could easily multiply their traffic 10x simply by converting the articles into a couple different formats.

If people just focused on this one thing. If all they did was just create incredibly valuable content every single day, you'd be amazed at how fast your business would grow. Simply by focusing on creating extremely valuable content and syndicating it across the net.

And with the power of social media today, it's easier than ever to get your content spread across the Web.

2. Forum Marketing

Forum marketing is another excellent strategy for building a list of subscribers and sending tons of traffic to your website.

Forum marketing is a highly underrated, but extremely effective strategy for building a list of subscribers, driving highly-targeted traffic, and establishing yourself as an authority in your particular market.

Forums put you directly in front of your target market, making it a goldmine for driving thousands of highly targeted visitors to your website.

But keep in mind here that the key to successful forum marketing is to become an active participant in the community. Your first priority is to deliver lots of value. And that means posting highly valuable content in the forums and helping people with their questions.

Once you've become a trusted member and delivered some great value in your posts, people will naturally want to learn more about what you have to offer.

This is where your signature link comes in...

You'll want to use your signature link to send people to your squeeze page where you can build your list of subscribers.

Here's an example of a good signature line:

"Find out how to get front-page Google Rankings in 24 hours with my FREE Google Domination Video series... "

The key here is to entice them with some sort of benefit to get them to come to your website. Keep your signature file short and to the point.You should only be promoting one page in your signature file. Don't confuse people with multiple options.

Also keep in mind that it's the value of your post that drives people to look at your signature. If you provide people with extraordinary value, then they will naturally want to check out more of your content.

So focus on providing value. One extremely valuable post is worth 10x more than 20 average posts.

3. Ad Swaps

Once you've built your subscriber list up to 500-1,000 subscribers, you can then start building your list exponentially using ad swaps. Ad swaps are hands-down one of the fastest ways to build your list.

But first, let's talk about exactly what an ad swap entails...

An ad swap occurs when two list owners each agree to mail their list on offer from the other list owner. This is usually a free offer placed on a landing page in exchange for someone's name and email address. As a result, they are both adding hundreds of subscribers to their lists.

The most effective ad swap occurs when two list owners endorse the other person's squeeze page offer, which gives away a free report, video, or some other content of value.

Even if you just have a small list, you can still leverage that asset to swap ads with other list owners - helping you to grow your list at a rapid pace.

Ad swaps are a little-known tactic that all of the big internet marketers are using to add 200 to 500 subscribers per day.

So, once you've built a "seed" list of 500-1,000 subscribers, it's now time to go out and start looking for potential ad swap partners.

Here are some places online where you can find other list owners who are actively looking to do ad swaps:
Warrior Joint Ventures

Once you have found some potential JV partners, contact them and propose to do an ad swap with your lists. Keep in mind that it doesn't matter if your potential JV partner has a bigger list size.

For example, let's say you want to swap ads with someone who has a list that has 10,000 subscribers and you have 1,000 subscribers. Not a problem! The person with 10,000 subscribers would just send your ad out to 1,000 subscribers of their 10,000 person list. So they would just send it to a segment of their list. Problem solved!

Here's a powerful tip that will increase the chance of your potential partner agreeing to do an ad swap...

Go ahead and set up a squeeze page that is specific to the marketer you're swapping ads with. So at the top of your squeeze page (directly under your headline), you would have some text that says, "This is an exclusive secret download page only for Bob Smith's subscribers)

This makes it a lot more personal. Not only are you going to get a more positive response from your potential partner, but you will also get higher conversions on your squeeze page because it's targeted directly to their subscribers.

Here's an example...

Do you see how I personalized the landing page just for Jay. I also created a customized URL for him. Not only will this improve your chances of getting more ad swap partners, it also converts better because you've personalized the page specifically for their subscribers.

Ad swaps are one of the best ways to grow your list quickly without spending any money.

This is some of the very best traffic you can get because someone is endorsing your free offer to their list of subscribers.

Plus, the really cool thing about ad swaps is that you can do them MULTIPLE times... with the same people!

Since both of your lists are growing all the time you can do an ad swap with the same people on a monthly basis by sending the ad swap only to your newest subscribers.

I hope you're starting to see how powerful this is.

You could use just these 3 traffic strategies alone to build a six-figure business online.

As entrepreneurs we have a tendency to get caught up in learning new things and chasing after bright shiny objects but you're going to make the most money by focusing on the basics and doing those diligently day in and day out.

Speed of implementation is the key.

The people who succeed online. They're not smarter or armed with super human powers. But they're willing to work just a little bit more...

Get up a little bit earlier.

Stay up a little bit later.

And most importantly, they're willing to go outside their comfort zone.

Because the biggest growth in your business lies outside of your comfort zone.

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    Hey Kim,

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      Hey Kim,

      Thanks for the info. It's very good and will try it out.
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    Thanks for that, Kim; you're always giving away great tips.

    The point you make about overcoming the fear that other marketers have bigger lists is a very good one - and the thing you highlighted is just how exponential the growth can be.
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      Awesome tips Kim, thanks!
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    Kim, your posts are always jam packed with value and quality content and this is no different. Thanks for the info!
    Nothing to sell, only value to give and new knowledge to learn.
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    Thanks for all the great feedback

    You guys ROCK!

    - Kim
    (Blog Traffic Checklist) - How to Generate 1,000+ Visitors to EVERY New Blog Post You Create...

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    OK, kind of a silly question. I love your idea of submitting to | Download free Fiction, Health, Romance and many more ebooks ...but I notice that it costs $20.00 to submit your book. Do you find it worth that price for the traffic? Great post, by the way.
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      Yes, it's definitely worth the $20 that it costs to post.

      The key is that you have a high-converting sales process in place.
      (Blog Traffic Checklist) - How to Generate 1,000+ Visitors to EVERY New Blog Post You Create...

      12-Step Traffic Checklist

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    And one last's $20 each time you upload, correct? Thanks for the quick response.
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    Very good information, thanks. I've been looking at putting together some free ebooks for a while now, so your ideas about that really came at the right time.

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      Thanks for taking the time to type this up for us. There are ideas in here that I have not heard of.
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