Why I should use my own domain instead of blogspot

by EntreP
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Can someone give me some reasons why I should not use a .blogspot.com domain, but register my own domain. The reason I have for not using a blogspot.com domain are:

* some pagerank goes to blogspot.com which is shame.
* an own domain looks more professional
* my blog pages (content on the different pages on my blog) will rank better in Google.

Please give me some advice and can you confirm that the above reasons are correct?
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    Its a matter of preference.

    If you're planning to be in the internet marketing field for a long period of time.

    It's better to get your own domain.

    To each and their own.

    Why not Wordpress?


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    The 3 reasons you have given are correct, but I would say the most important reason is that any site you set up with Blogspot always runs the very likely possibility of being deleted at their whim and you will have no recourse whatsoever. There was a thread here yesterday where a Warrior had worked extremely hard to construct and promote a Blogspot blog, only to see it vanish overnight.
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    Simply because BLOGSPOT can shut you down anytime they want without warning. It's like building your house on land that you don't own.


    Get a proper domain and hosting if you're building a blog!

    Hope that helps,
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    With your own domain you have more control & the integrity it builds over time, ito page rank etc., is something you own, ie it has value.

    Also Google can change their TOS at anytime & even delete your blog in a flash.
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