A Question about PDF Converters......WHY???

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Hi Everyone;

I have downloaded OpenOffice, and CutePDF Writer, and ConvertIt, thinking that to convert my articles or eBook content was this huge ordeal, and then I noticed on my Word 2007, that I just have to hit "Save As" and one of my options is PDF.....I click, "publish" and Voila!

Is this not the same thing as all the other programs out there??

Thanks for any feedback Ws!

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    In fact, there are so many similar "Convert Word to PDF" tools. You can search them through Google, then you can get many results.
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    Microsoft word used to not have this feature build in so that's why so many PDF converters popped up. Now that Word has it there's no need to download all those other programs, unless of course you don't have Office 2007.
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    Thanks! My co-worker installed CutePDF on my computer; and at home one night when I went to save a document, there was PDF. He was stunned when I told him....yes, obviously you have to have Word 2007, & it sure has made life easier.
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    agree, and differences between software are generally few and apart..
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    I use OpenOffice as my main suite for some time, it has the save as pdf option for a long time, never had to use any converters.
    I have 15+ years of experience & millions of visitors (I'm also a warrior since 2002)!
    NunoAlex.com explains how I can help.
    I'm looking for a limited number of serious partners.
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      Surely the main point about using Open Office or other converters is that you do not need to pay a huge dividend for the Microsoft product. I have transferred over to open office completely. It works just as well and in some areas it is way better.
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