Ways to gain market knowledge?

by EntreP
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I decided to start in a few new markets or niches.
How do I gain (what are som good ways) market knowledge so that I can create informative websites about a subject in that market and be able to promote different affiliate products?

How do I gain market knowledge?
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    Emersion. Get books, magazines, dvds on the subject.. Go attend workshops, conferences etc..
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    What JonMills suggested, or here's an easier alternative: Google

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      Find some forums on your new niches and join. Even if you just lurk at first, you can read exactly what your new market is talking about, looking for and asking questions about.

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    I have found it is much easier to simply work in markets you already know something about.

    I'm sure you have hobbies, dreams, trade skills, interests, etc... that you allready have some knowledge about. Simply pick something you like (and find interesting) and then track down products for it.

    If you do this you will find your "work" much more enjoyable, because it is focused on something you like...

    Just my $0.02...
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    I agree with AdZaz. If you are trying to write on a topic you just recently read up on, it will show in your sales pitch. You will be better off if you promote something you have previous knowledge of, even very basic knowledge.
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