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I guess a low knol rating would depress page views. What's to stop someone unscrupulous who has written a knol on a similar subject giving your knol a low rating to help their own page seem superior?

I ask this as I wrote a knol on the current 'gas from water' craze, pretty much debunking it (but with a few affiliate links in - if anyone wants to check out one of these systems after reading what I've written, I'm happy to accept commision!), which fairly quickly received a one star rating. I looked at a few other knols on the subject, which were essentially sales pages, and they all had higher ratings than mine. Just to see what happened, I got someone I know to give a high rating using their account, which took my article to 3 stars, a couple of days later it was back down again after being given another 1 star

Of course it may just be that my page is cr@p and I'm being far too suspicious, but I think the system is open to abuse. What do others think?
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    I've actually already seen this happening.

    I would guess that Google know this is going to happen and will (eventually) have some systems in place to offset unethical people behaving like this.


    nothing to see here.

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    Knol is relatively new .. and for the backend and users both are gonna use it for the good and black hat guys are gonna try to find as many exploits as they can .....

    its gonna take some time fot things to get settled ... i guess
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      Did you get any traffic from your knools at all?
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