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After the changes in recurring billing guidelines, does anyone know if paypal is still allowing you to do a first month at $1 and then additional months for $50-$100/month?

I don't want any trouble with those guys. I've got enough problems .
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    I am just about to launch a service which is $5 a month but I want to give the first month at $1 so I hope it still is OK.

    When I looked at making a paypal subscribe button the other day for the site the option was still there but I didnt make the button at that point. I will have to investigate this myself before my site goes live.

    EDIT: Just to get it from the horses mouth, I just asked Paypal what the position is and will get back here with their answer.
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      Yes you can do it, even the FTC said trial offers are great for consumers as long as the terms are clearly disclosed.

      With PayPal the terms are already made clear before they pay as customers have to go to PayPal's page first before they pay.

      Never heard of anyone getting into trouble with PayPal for trial offers, because they control the details on the final order/payment page that people will see.

      With merchant accounts, sellers can create their own order pages, many tried to omit the recurring payment terms on the final page which is why they got into trouble.
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    Yes, you can offer them a discounted trial price or give them a free trial....
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    That's good to know - I was a little worried after the FTC rules changed and I'm thinking of doing a $1 trial myself.
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      Originally Posted by azu12 View Post

      i hate paypal with passion
      That was useful...

      If you knew what I know you'd be doing what I do...
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    I just got this e-mail from Paypal.

    It seems that you can only have a subscription for a set amount. So either you have to tell them to cancel the first subscription and take another one, or you make the $1 a non-subscription stand alone fee and then get them to complete the subscription after the trial period id over.

    Here ist is from the horses mouth:

    "I can advise you that any subscription made through PayPal will be for a set amount, which can only be changed if the subscription for$1.00 USD is closed and a new subscription for $5.00 USD set up after the trial period which you mention has completed."
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