What do you think of this domain? 1,500,000 global searches a month in google?...

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Ok, I found & registered this domain recently, because after doing some research using the Google suggestion tool I saw the term "Para mp3" gets 1,500,000 searches per month globally...

so its a dot com, originally registered in 2001,so an aged domain, apparently never developed... 7 letters,two terms, although Spanish(ormultilanguage), its in a great niche mp3's... lots of ad money there. tons of searches for that term every month...

How hard would it be to rank #1 for this term??? I plan on throwing up a wordpress autoblog using wprobot with a high CTR adsense template... since as far as i know adsense will run Spanish ads as well, and will pay for traffic/click from other countries also..and I'll add multilanguage translator plugin..

Am I crazy or was it smart to purchase this domain!?! been sitting on it for a few months..

would i have better luck with this domain than say InsuranceConcerns.com another domain of mine, which one would you throw $ towards promoting/outsourcing backlinking?


* Para is a preposition, and a conjunction in Spanish, with no direct equivalent in English. It roughly means "for" as a preposition, "in order to" as a conjunction, and "stop" as an informal singular command, where it is often written with an accent as Pára. The word as a similar usage in Portuguese as a preposition, conjunction, and command.
* Para means "money" in Turkish
* Para in Lithuanian roughly means "daynight", "24 hours", or "circadia" but has no direct English equivalent.
* Para is short for paratrooper in French.
* Para in Bengali, a word which means a "neighbourhood" or "locality"
* Para means "cow" in Hebrew
* Para means "pair/couple" in Russian and Polish
* Para means "steam/vapor" in Polish, Slovak, Serbian, Bulgarian
* Para is the term for a 1⁄30 portion of the Qur'an in Urdu, Hindi, and Persian (the equivalent Arabic term is جزء, juz', "part")
* Para in Sanskrit is an adjective meaning "transcendental" [1].
* Para Shakti (Sanskrit,) "the great or supreme or light or heat force"[2].
* Para Tattva, a Sanskrit phrase meaning "Supreme Truth"
* The suffix 'para' is used after a noun in Assamese to define a village or a town. e.g. Goalpara
* In Finnish, it is the witches Familiar
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    To my knowledge, an "aged domain" means it have to be developed during a period of time. Registered but not developed during a period of 10 years so not make it an "aged domain".

    Think you found a good domain though
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    The age of a domain resets whenever it gets transferred to another person. So you're not really getting the age benefit, but you may benefit from the brand, if it is indeed a brand.

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    Even if it is aged, your number of searches are large enough to warrant a little time investment. Personally I think you are onto a winner. Put some time into it and your rankings will climb - if you do it right :-)
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    You will not get any traffic at all.. Local monthly searches for exact match in Google gives 22 hits!! hahah...

    You were looking at broad searches... broad means other things are used with "para mp3" in the search...

    The domain is worth nothing, I say scrap it and move on.
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