How To Send Bonus Link?

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Hi all,

How do I send a bonus link? For example, my buyers send me their CB receipt. I then verify and if everything is ok, I will send them their bonuses. But how do I do that if I also want to add them to my opt-in list? How do I do this in this whole process?

Hope someone can clarify.


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    Create an optin form on your domain and ask them to go and download their bonus.

    They will enter their name and email that will be added to aweber and aweber confirmation page will be the download page for the bonus that you are giving.....

    hope that helps.
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      Hi Dream tab,

      Thanks for your reply. Do you mean to say that for me to send their bonus, they have to opt in? Won't people get mad? I mean here you are contacting them through their email address to say that "hey yes, I've checked and yes you did buy from me. But for me to send your bonus, you'll have to fill in this short form" (the opt-in form)? I mean surely they'll be thinking "hey this chap must be nuts or something. He has already contacted me. Why can't he just send me the download link in this same email?"

      I hope you understand what I mean. Thanks once again for taking the time to clarify this for me.

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    There are two ways to add them to your list. One is what DreamTab already suggested, that is, forcing them to opt in to get their bonus.

    OR, you can send them to a download page, have an opt in form on saying 'sign up below to download your bonus and keep receiving great info from me' (or something to that effect, that's just off the top of my head).

    Then, add a link right below the opt in form that says 'No thanks, just take me to my bonus report' which leads them directly to the bonus without requiring them to sign up.

    I know that this means you will miss out on some people who bought through your link BUT people who do sign up are people who will be very responsive as part of your list.

    Think about it

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      Hey Sagar,

      That's some great info you gave there. I didn't think of that one. Thanks for thinking out of the box.

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