Why did you choose to become an Internet Marketer?

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Hey everybody,

We've all heard the sales pitch that goes: "I made $50,000 using this secret magical technique that I'm going to share with you for $99." And our eyes glaze over, and we start drooling and dreaming of having that gigantic pile of cash.

We buy the product --- and 1 week later reality sets in. (Yeah, we've all been there :rolleyes.

I got into Internet Marketing over a year ago, and I've made substantial progress toward my life goals. But there are OTHER things besides money that keep me going.

1. If you're full-time: what is it that keeps you going every day?
2. If you're part-time or haven't started yet: what is it that draws you to the Internet-marketing world? (It's okay if it's purely monetary - there are no right or wrong answers).

Why I'm Asking
I'm asking this question because I want to help people like you achieve their underlying goals. In other words, we all want money, but there's so many more reasons to want to work online other than "just the money."

So I'm interested to hear what YOUR motives are, as a unique individual.

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    For me, it meant selling more product, first for my employer, and then later for myself.
    It is okay to contact me! I have been developing software since 1999, creating many popular products like phpLD.
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      Originally Posted by dvduval View Post

      For me, it meant selling more product, first for my employer, and then later for myself.
      Did you like what you were selling for your employer?

      And do you like what you're selling now better?

      Also, do you actually like selling more now than before? Were you always a naturally-inclined salesman?

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        One of the things that really appeal to me is once you get going to can work anywhere you have an internet connection.

        Nice campground at the beach comes to mind. Sitting at the picnic table outside of the motorhome working on the computer with the campground wi-fi is a whole lot better than having a job.

        Plus working hard on something that will keep working for you even after you quit working on it.

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    To be honest, it is because I'm super lazy...I mean, lazy to a whole new level. Plus, I drink constantly...

    Seriously though, originally I just wanted to fund some side projects, and then I saw some cash and wanted to make more and party all the time, and as the years passed it worked out so I could stay home with my kids, which I now have 3. And now, it means freedom. I just took my family, immidiate and extended, to Disney for two weeks, and in the summer we are headed to France for two weeks. In April I'm headed to Arizona for a bike rally, and in August my wife and I will kill it in Sturgis. Never got that kind of vacation time punching a time clock...

    Oh, and did I mention that I'm pretty lazy?
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      I just kind of fell into it.

      While I was in High School, I had an assignment to make an HTML website for a web design class. Another part of the assignment was to make it an instructable and show how to make something. Most kids who half-assed the project decided to make a website on "How to fold a paper airplane" or "How to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich" - Well, I made one on "How to Construct a Backyard Wrestling Ring." I created probably 40 scaled images of how to make one using mspaint. It looked pretty good, and even today looks great. I decided to upload it onto a website called Asphost or something with a visitor counter. I forgot about it for about 4 or 5 years, and I logged into an old old e-mail account and found out I had THOUSANDS of e-mails with small comments and questions about my plans that I forget existed. So, while at work, I looked up the page and found it still running and had over 9 million visitors, and Asphost put their own Google Adsense links within my content (actually editing my content), they probably made some decent money from it. So, I looked up how to figure out how much Asphost made from me, and never really found a good answer, but did a rough calculation and it was easily a couple thousand. I called Asphost and asked if I could have any of that money (lol). They said no, closed the website, and that was that.

      That got me involved. Then I started making eBooks and selling them on eBay. I started buying bulk amounts of inexpensive physical products and including an e-mail/disc on how my buyers could make money from eBay, which was a clickbank affiliate link for Salehoo. Then I found myself making an easy $700 a week that got me through college.

      That is more of a "How I got into it" rather than an "Why I got into it" - but really, I just fell into it, because I'm a salesman and an entrepreneur at heart. Then I just grew little by little, and THEN I found this place which has become more of a distraction than anything.
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      Originally Posted by BobJutsu View Post

      To be honest, it is because I'm super lazy...I mean, lazy to a whole new level. Plus, I drink constantly...
      Oh, and did I mention that I'm pretty lazy?

      Man, if I had started before I quit drinking 5 years ago, that would have seriously been a big factor for me.

      But how are you going to beat working your own hours with potential for
      real advancement, from pretty much anywhere in the world you want to go?

      Not having to commute is a huge one for me too. Just roll out of bed at the crack of noon and turn the 'puter on.
      Have you started ANY prepping yet? Got some back up food and water at least? (Just askin')
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    What motivates me is the oppurtunity to network with others with the same goals and mindset. Its the same reason I used myspace (well in the beginning, I actually dislike myspace, rather use facebook...more personal). I enjoy meeting new people and I enjoy helping people. Once I get big, I plan to help as many as I can...without going insane
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    I like the flexibility and potential work smarter rather than harder

    FREE >>As We Thinketh << as a man thinketh for the 21st century The missing chapters are actually the best

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    I really wanted to find success and make money soley based on my own work. To literally run a complete business and be the reason for its success is very rewarding!
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    I started working online almost solely for the freedom. Obviously you can make a ton of money online, but I have never been super-interested in being rich. The fact that I don't have to work 50+ hours per week with a smart-*ss boss breathing down my neck all day was more than enough to motivate me to find success

    I kind of fell into internet marketing when my father tried a few things here and there that didn't work out. Finally I found affiliate marketing, which is where I really got my start. Now I have affiliate campaigns running on autopilot, and do a lot of offline consulting.
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    It gives freedom a new meaning

    I love to look at the sales each morning and find out that it was a busy night for someone
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    I wanted to set up another retirement check. Leveraging my time and money. Network marketing what a concept!
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    because it is difficult to get work permits in other countries without a college degree or specialized skill. However, if you bring your own income you are welcome to stay in almost any country.

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    For me, it was a long commute and a boss I couldn't stand. Then it just grew from there.
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    I am just getting into it.

    I don't like dealing with bad coworkers and supervisors. I think it bothers me more than most people, that is. I'm pretty stubborn when it comes to a lot of things, so working for nobody but my customers seems to be more fun than your average 9-5 job.
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    Like others, I kind of fell into it. I began to sell a few things on eBay and Amazon, and frankly I just got hooked on it.

    I just loved the idea of seeing money hit my account instantaneously. I didn't have to "punch in" and I didn't have to laugh at my stupid boss' jokes. Add that to the fact that I've hated every single job that I've ever worked. A little part of me said "give it a try, you might like it".

    Now, I work semi full time. I make a nice living, and I can travel anywhere I want to. All I need is a computer and an internet connection and I'm all set.
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      In my case, it meant being able to do my own thing without having to create based solely on my boss's designs. In the "business" world, anything I wrote had to meet the company's guidelines and pass the boss's scrutiny, or that of an editor.

      This way, I can write whatever I want, in whatever format I want, from whatever angle I want, without all the criticism and direction. And I can direct my writing to whatever audience I want. No restrictions.

      But your question makes me laugh... Why did I get into Internet marketing.

      It's not about the IM, it's about the freedom. Unfortunately, IM is part of my self-publishing plan. Either that, or I try to sell my work offline through a book publisher or other entity who will expect me to pay for the priviledge. I don't particularly like IM. It just comes with the territory.

      I'd rather just create and let someone else do all the hard work.

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        For me, it was:

        1. Hate working for other people.
        2. Hate working with other people.
        3. I want to create assets FOR MYSELF rather than for somebody else.
        4. I hope to finally enjoy financial freedom one day.

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    I am still getting into this but mainly for me at first I wanted my own business. Something that I could start myself and grow and prosper from. I used to sell advertising to other businesses and I just always knew someday I would be on the other end of that table.

    There are perks that are attractive as well such as running the business from anywhere that has an internet connection, working from home which I already do and love for another company, and having the freedom to do my own thing. I'm really not much of a follower. Just hope I get some things going that at least will replace my current income at first. That would rock to be able to quit my job and work full time on this stuff there are so many possibilities the project list is already never ending and I am just getting started! It's so easy to get excited about all of this but I am constantly telling myself one thing at a time..........n save the rest of the ideas for later. I really hope I will get the opportunity to try them all and turn a profit :-)
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    I keep doing Internet Marketing is because I make money. Money is what motivates to do more and make more of itself.

    BTW, money is not my only attraction. I like the whole thing of not having a job and working from my nice comfortable home office.

    “The first draft of anything is shit.” ~Ernest Hemingway

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      Originally Posted by mohammad111 View Post

      BTW, money is not my only attraction. I like the whole thing of not having a job and working from my nice comfortable home office.
      I'll ditto this.

      I get SO much more done by just having total control over my work environment. Everything is set up how I want it.

      Having this opportunity is a dream-come true for me
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      • Profile picture of the author pink sapphire
        The freedom to work when I want, for as much or as little time as I choose.

        Being able to work from home & indulge my hermit tendencies.

        Being in control of how much I make, rather than have someone else telling me how much my time's worth.

        Getting all the financial benefits from my work, rather than making money for an employer.

        Being in control of my working process, and not having to answer to anyone.

        The opportunity to create my own assets and (eventually) true financial freedom.

        Not having to deal with other people.

        The chance to work in niches that interest me, and increase my own knowledge and expertise in those areas at the same time.

        I also enjoy site creation and the process of building up a valuable original resource - it's another creative outlet in a way.

        And also because I haven't had a 9-5 for years and am now pretty much unemployable
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  • Profile picture of the author Erica Leggette
    I started in IM by first becoming a freebie trader. This was incentivized marketing where we sign up for sponsor offers and be paid through paypal once the credits were applied to our account on the incentivized freebie websites.

    I have always been the type that wondered how and why someone was able to pay me for doing something and in that marketing arena, I wanted to know how those sites could afford to pay the person that referred me to their site $20-$100+ a pop for each person. I then began referring others to the same sites I had completed offers on which in turn I was paid $20-$100+ per completed referrals then paid my referral for their credits on the IFWs but I still wanted to know how could they afford to pay me for sending that person to their site.

    I kept seeing the terms, "affiliate networks, affiliate commissions,etc" and started researching it so a bigger picture was painted for me and that lead me here.
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    I chose to get involved with IM so I could stay at home and raise my son. I had a background in web design and SEO before that.

    I didn't want a stranger to raise my kid, didn't think it would be the best thing for a 4 month old baby to be left with someone he didn't know, so I quit my job and set up an online business to be with him.

    He's 8 years old now and doing very well. So is the business.
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    Originally Posted by Soapyshoe View Post

    We buy the product --- and 1 week later reality sets in. (Yeah, we've all been there :rolleyes.
    Not me.

    I choosed to became a Internet Marketer because i really like this job.
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    • Profile picture of the author Gelu Nastac

      My name is Gelu Nastac and I come from Romania.
      (Please excuse my imperfect English, I have little to work with it. It is not my native language)

      Nice to find a solid community here in the Internet Marketing industry

      After we had success with more business classic , recession came here, and managed to hit me fully.
      We lost everything, including the last business to rent a car (and the 5 cars that I had).
      It was normal to start looking for solutions, so I fled in front of computer and started looking.
      By the end of September 2009 I realized that my vocation was wrong and I should get to Internet marketing for a long time.
      Since then studying 14 to 16 hours a day the industry, and normally, I started applying what I learned.

      I strongly believe that it can, and that it is job where I will withdraw.

      I expect to cooperate with you, excellent.

      Gelu Nastac
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  • Profile picture of the author Deepak Media
    Same for me... Hate working for & with other people.
    Digital Marketing Author | Speaker | Consultant

    Read my Blog: DigitalDeepak.com

    @ Bangalore, India.
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  • Profile picture of the author Vlad Shelest
    FREEDOM! I know that's a somewhat beat-up cliche these days, but if I really look deep inside, freedom is what I'm hoping internet marketing will give me. And by freedom I simply mean freedom to live my life the way I want as opposed to the way I have to. I'm not there yet, but I can absolutely see the potential and this is what's driving me to come home from a long and stressful day at work (my own business by the way!) spend few hours with my family and then sit in front of my computer long into the night. But like I said, I'm convinced of the potential and more importantly of the eventual success.
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