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A few questions for Semiologic Pro users... (I'd prefer to keep the focus on SLP, if you don't mind... I'm aware of Thesis and other themes... thanks!)

Can you point to any relatively attractive SLP websites? SLP has been panned for its old-fashioned "blog" look... but users claim the new, "reloaded" theme can be more modern looking... can you point to any good-looking samples? Especially, can you point to any examples where SLP is used for more "traditional" websites, ie with a static home page and static product pages?

Is the license good for multiple websites? I don't see this mentioned on their sales page.

Once I start putting up an SLP website, am I locked in? ...i.e., I've seen it reported that SLP changes the WP code, so it's hard to switch themes if you ever want to. (Is this correct?) I believe the developer says the reason for changing WP code is to improve it, get out the bugs etc... so maybe he has good reasons, but I'm be wary of getting "locked in."
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    Does anyone have some of the answers to these questions?
    I'm interested in buying Semiologic but would appreciate seeing these answered?
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