Squeeze Pages, Landing Pages, and Full Sites

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....okay it seems like I'm a beginner all over again....

First of all, I work with Joomla sites; html is a complete mystery to mke. I just want to get the content up and let someone else worry about how it's done.

In creating squeeze pages it seems to me that what you have to do is create in essence two sites. The squeeze page is your landing page, needing to be a legit domain that EZA will not object to. It's just a hard squeeze page.

But then you need to have the autoresponder redirect the the "real" site with all your articles, affiliate links, etc. It is an entirely separate domain.

It just seems like a website building nightmare (for a non-techie) to have to get that squeeze/landing page together in a CMS site like Joomla or Wordpress, and then have all the other content.

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    By default, apache servers process index.html before index.php. Your wordpress/joomla site uses index.php. So the easiest way to do this is to make a squeeze page that is a static html page (just use dreamweaver or frontpage/expression). Name the squeeze index.html. Then once the uses signs up you can direct them to index.php
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