Is anyone familiar with an affiliate program called Drive Network?

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Hi everyone. I just received a $10 check from a company and their name is Drive Network based out of Salt Lake City Utah. The only other information on the check says AFF Payment so I am guessing this is some kind of affiliate payment. I hate to sound so dingy but honestly I do not even know what affiliate payment this is for. I went to a website and it just says thanks for visiting. Does anyone have any experience with this? If so please advise as I am at a loss on this one. Thanks in advance for any information :-)

ETA: Well after 24 hours of digging I found out where it's from-and it's legit! Yay I was starting to wonder if I just saw the beginnings of a new scam. I believe this is an affiliate program too so wanted to share the link in case anyone can use it:
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    Sorry to post to this old thread, but someone just asked me about a link request from which seems to be connected to this company. It looks like they are recruiting people to use their addresses so they can seem like a "local" company. This may be just the kind of thing that ruins local search...

    Anyway, anyone thinking about joining this should CAREFULLY read their TOS so they are not surprised later on. Good Luck!
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