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If you are an affiliate for a company and promote a site that is already on the first page of google should you use a domain that points to your affiliate url since that page must be already SEO optimized? I just came across an affiliate program and the company has about 9 spots on the front page of a google keyword search. So I was thinking wouldn't I do better to link directly to my affiliate url which is a carbon copy of their site it seems instead of use a squeeze page since their site already has good SEO optimization? I am really not sure I am right so any advice would help and thanks in advance.......
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    Well my question is because I opted into a company's affiliate network. This was not through clickbank so it seems like my affiliate link is just a carbon copy of their site different url-the affiliate url-so I was meaning to ask instead of a squeeze page since their site already has super good rankings would it be better to to either get my own domain and link directly to my affiliate link (the site in question with good seo) or use a sqeeze page or does it matter? Does that make more sense?
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    Originally Posted by Michael Truong View Post

    I think I better understand your question now.

    My opinion would be to get your own domain (use keywords related to the product - but not the company because you may face trademarking issues) and have your domain name redirect to your affiliate link.

    In relation to the squeeze page idea - I don't feel that it's necessary in this case (but I'm just assuming here without knowing your niche - which you do not have to reveal here for security/competition purposes

    I hope this helps you.
    Thanks that was kind of what I was thinking too no need for a squeeze page due to the original affiliate site having super SEO. :-)
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      I did that with one of my sites, I even changed the CName record of my domain to directly point to the affiliate site, works great for this one site but generally for most products I would use my own blog, landing page etc.
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