Have I gone overboard in my enthusiasm?

by sparky
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Hi, I've created a screensaver 'To make my mother proud', and struggled like hell to market it. I've put up a preview video but struggled to get traffic. Few months ago had the braiwave (or so I thought at the time) of asking Web users to create a million brand new videos before mother's day.
Once the idea took off then momentum would build and attract media coverage right? 'fraid not
Mother's Day 7 weeks away so any ideas on how to promote this exciting challenge much appreciated.

Here's the link to the challenge video
Million Video challenge

Thanks in advance
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    Do a PR campaign. You could use something like PRWeb.
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    Where else have you posted this video, and what else have you done to drive traffic to the video itself (or the website), since the idea itself is in the video?

    Asking people to make one million videos, does sound a bit overboard, and may be the reason why you are not getting the responses you are looking for. You could have simply said for them to make a video response for a chance to win something for their mother, or for them to make a video telling you and others how special their mother is, and go on to say whatever else it is that you said in your video.

    That way you are directly involving them, because who wants to compete in something that 1 million other people are involved in? That sounds like a turn off, because in one moment you are saying it's meant to say how special their mother is, but then you are telling 1 million people to do the very same thing....that's not too special in concept.
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    Thanks, I'll take the advice of asking people directly to make a special video for their mother, and keep the million video aspect for attracting media attention
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      But why should I make a video? What is in it for me?

      All I have heard so far is you you you... a user wants to hear me me me...

      Focus on adding value tot he user. Will you be donating something if you get to 1 million videos? What could you do to encourage people to actively take part?

      Give the user an incentive to both make a video and spread the word... then it may go viral...
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    ok, screen saver will only display while computer is idle.

    May I suggest to work on an active background for the PC instead of, or in combination with, screensaver.

    Thus, Mother's Day becomes EVERY day, which means more sales for you...all year round.

    Can also add an affiliate program to spread the word and use viral marketing techniques.

    After all, everyone has a mother )

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