Has Anyone Seen or Heard From Shay Rockhold Lately?

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Shay used to post a lot of interesting stuff and I haven't seen or heard from her in ages. I was wondering if anyone knows if she's okay?
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    Her profile says her last activity here was November 4 last year, so she hasn't been around for a while. I'm curious too.
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    Ken: I checked out some of her sites and posts on other forums and they all seem to have stopped at that time. I sent her a private email a few days ago using an email address from one of her sites, and there has been no answer. She is a dynamic member of this forum and her absence is certainly missed.
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      She had posted at one point that she was fine but that she was really busy. Not sure if perhaps there was something going on offline.

      I would like to see her come back, too.

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    I've been wondering about Shay as well. Hope she's just busy.
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      I actually talked to Shay about 2 months ago on FB. There were some health issues in her family, particularly with her husband, if memory serves. She feels her time is best served taking care of them.

      She is a sweet, wonderful, Christian lady. Really enjoyed getting to know her.


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