wishlistmember and fixed term continuity and paypal

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I am setting up a fixed term continuity site similar to "micro continuity" minus the free dvd.

I have to intergrate with paypal for now and aweber.

this will be a 12 month fixed term continuity, so do I have to set up a new auto responder for each month..

I have set the sequential upgrade to automatically release the new content after 30 days.

I had to set up 12 membership levels, and with paypal I have set it for recurring billing for 12 months.

if somebody cancels, will wishlist member and paypal know not to release the new content.

or if they cancel with paypal will wishlist member still deliver the content every 30 days.

also will I have to set up 12 aweber campaigns and move them from one list to another.

I am very confused, and the support videos are unclear on thsi subject.

Does anyone know of any videos, or have any experience with intergrating a fixed term continuity, or micro continuity as it's otherwise known ( but with out the free dvd)

if anyone can point me to a video or article on this that would be awesome.

or if anyone has any personal experience with this that could give me some tips....

I am very close to launching my product, and I am just stuck on this one thing..
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