Can I get some advice please... Starting own Affiliate Network

by LMC
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Hello Everyone,

So after much consideration I have decided that I'm interested in setting up my own affiliate network... yea, another Clickbank on the market.

However, a much different one.

I was wondering if you guys could give me advice on what you are looking for in an affiliate network?

My plan of action is to not just provide a network for affiliate to connect with merchants and merchants to connect with affiliates.

But to provide action for both.

For Merchants:

I want to encompass a complete solution for product owners. Meaning, you create a product and come to our network, we will design, program, and setup your website completely.

So, no need on customizing to what CB wants, we will set it up for you.

On top of that, we will recruit affiliates for your product.

For Affiliates:

All merchant products have to be reviewed before acceptance. No more crap products. On top of that, all merchant products will have marketing materials designed by our network for maximum results, such as, good keywords, good ads, etc, etc

Obviously reliable tracking.


So those are my ideas to create a great solution to marketers and I was hoping that I can hear yours!

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    I think get rid of the crap, erm... weekly payments,,, payment via paypal?
    designated affiliate manager....... nice affiliate areas, hosted on network.
    off the top of my head
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    Yeah, weekly payments are good. I'd also want a system where people can't buy through their own links. The other thing off the top of my head is a good refund policy which prevents people from requesting a refund mere seconds after their purchase.
    Curtis Ng (blog) - Product Launch Manager
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    Appreciate the suggestions, the entire refund policy might vary on the merchant, but definitely something to look into.

    When you mean buy through their own links, are you talking about affiliates signing up and then buying products through their own links to get it cheaper?

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    Compulsory landing page (minisite???) for each product? It would help the newbie [me] who doesn't have a clue how to build one or have experience with squeeze pages. Should also help the seller sell more products.

    Weekly payments.

    Account manager -
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    If you're just doing CPS/direct sales, then all the standard tracking is required. Some networks are considering using their own shopping cart so you/they can ensure the # of merchant sales = affiliate payout. Flexible terms for invoicing (net 15/30). Ability to see customer info (name/address/phone). Ability for merchant to dictate which traffic channels are allowed (email, ppv, ppc, seo, social, incent, etc).

    If you're doing more of a full-blown CPA network, then make sure to include lead gen, free trials, etc. Post-back URL's make it easier for affiliate to track. Sub-ID tracking. Don't try to build your platform from scratch, either lease DirectTrack, or something else.

    ** We're looking to launch a few products on CPA / affiliate networks in the coming month...PM me, I'd love to see if there is an opportunity for us to work with you.
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      For affiliates...

      I want a better clickbank, so the more data you can provide to affiliates the better.

      I don't want a ridiculous font colour and size, I want something which is easily readable and doesn't require me to attempt to read minscule font.

      Monthly payments are fine

      A wide variety of products to choose from

      I want sales page and products reviewed so the sales page is actually telling the truth and not feeding us a load of BS

      FTC compliant, so no, 100000000000 in 1 minuets

      A good refund policy, upto 30 days, iron clad would be nice

      I want affiliates to be able to leave reviews right underneath the product, like video commenting.

      obviously, good tracking so we don't get screwed on sales

      I would say no ads, but you got to monetize it so they are cool .

      Make sure you have an option for higher ticketed products, maybe review them more harshly

      A nice clear contact system, so phone number clearly present, email submit form and so on

      Thats all I got for now .
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    Some really interesting points are being made....

    Would love some more please.
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      Maybe a little friendly competion would help would sales. I always notice when a particular item has a bonus or prize for the top selling affiliate or affiliates that sell a certain number, almost ALWAYS, are being sold in high numbers. I think it creates eager affiliates and of course happy I'd definetly want to see more incenitive besides money. I think that could help.

      P.S. Cash is cool, but its something about winning that gives you a great feeling of accomplishment. I think its because being rich varies from person to person, but if you're a winner, it's something no one can deny.
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    How about video tutorials for the newbie Affiliate Marketeer... I have always found videos to be the easiest abc way to get to grips with any new strategy... Ark
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