80 new Twitter followers a day - how do I keep them all?

by sparky
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Hi suddenly, I'm getting a lot of new followers every day, after struggling for weeks. First would like to know where they came from.

More important how to keep them as many drop out very quickly. Is it worth trying to keep them, or are they just hoping I'll 'follow' them in return and neither one of us will actually pay attention to the other.

Probably better off with the ones who do actually stay, any thoughts please
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    Originally Posted by sparky View Post

    Hi suddenly, I'm getting a lot of new followers every day, after struggling for weeks. First would like to know where they came from.
    Have you promoted your twitter account at all? Have you added a widget to your blog or sites? It could be from a number of sources, but often times people find other people to follow (with the hopes they follow back) by searching for terms related to their niche and following everyone in the bunch. It is hard to determine or even guess where they are coming from without knowing more about your account.
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  • The source of your followers really depends on how you have set up your account and promoted it.

    Here are some ways that people find you on Twitter:

    * Your own links/tweets (blog, website, etc.) and 'follow me' buttons

    * Twitter Search based on your profile, tweets, etc.

    * Search engines: Google, Bing, etc. (yes, they have started to index tweets)

    * Twitter directories: Twellow, WeFollow, etc.

    * Tweet scraping sites: Tweetmeme, etc.

    ... and other sites that use data and tweets from Twitter for their own users.

    The more targeted the source, the more responsive your followers. Try to interact with them first and figure out how they respond to you and then give them something of value. You will keep your followers as long as you show that you are for real and tweet valuable content, links, etc.
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    No matter what you do you are going to lose a substantial amount of your followers. However, as you consistently continue to add more follower you will soon have more than enough people following.

    The best way to keep your fellowers is to provide valuable information. And you need to somethin log into your twitter account and make some useful tweet instead of being like an automated machine.

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    Great that you're getting more followers.

    I would imagine that a lot of them will naturally disappear if you don't follow them back.

    They may have found you because you have similar interests, for example are using similar key words so they would have carried out a search for a key word and therefore found you and followed you.

    Is it worth trying to keep them? It really depends what you're using Twitter for. If it's part of your marketing strategy then definately try keeping them. Follow them back, engage with them, interact with them, re-tweet their tweets etc.

    Twitter is an amazing platform if used well, but can become incredibly addictive and time consuming

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