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Hello all:

I am wondering if anyone knows the membership software/cms that is used on these 3 sites: affiliate classroom, ppc classroom, and delta squadron? (I am not a member of these, just saw members area and looks nice).

It is the same package on all three sites. I know affiliate classroom and ppc classroom is owned by the same company. Does anyone know if this is available to use for my own membership site?

If not, does anyone know a clean, easy to use, professional membership cms/software?

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    Not sure about what those sites are using but I've heard amember is good. Currently I use wishlist member for my membership site. I'm looking into amember though.

    Hope that helps

    - Sam
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    The best one that I've found is Wishlist Member. It's a wp plugin.
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    If you can give direct links to these pages we can give you the name of the software they're using.

    There are to many pages that have named like PPC Classroom and Delta Squadron.

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    This exact question was already asked.


    In a nutshell, no one knows. It's custom built.

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    I use amember, it's been around the longest and has the most plugins. Great script.
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    thanks guys your discussion is helpful for me too
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      Not sure if it's still available but on my WordPress platform membership site I use a script that I found here on the Warrior Forum called Micro-membership plugin by rlpruitt...

      I think that the price was raised, was $27 but may be $37 now but not sure... easy to install and set up, 5 different levels of members from free to platinum, easy to upload and deliver content... I'm sure that you can find the most current page through the forum if you're interested...
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    I've just started a new WP membership site with Digital Access Pass (DAP). So far, so good, and not a huge learning curve either.

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    Simple, easy and secure: InstantMember.

    Trust me, i have tried another ones and none is so simple, secure and easy to work with as this one.

    I paid $197 (but right now they have a $97 promo) and I am extremely happy with it.

    Really, really powerful - yet simple and very secure.
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    Please take a moment to check out SubHub.

    SubHub is a powerful membership site platform, with clients on both sides of the Atlantic.

    Your entire site is run from one easy to use control panel, including page management, subscriptions, e-commerce, a forum, advertising and affiliate management. We handle all hosting, updates and platform management.

    Oh, and we offer a free 14 day trial, with all features enabled.

    SubHub costs $97/month, including a large choice of design templates. We don't have any tie-in period, so if you decide SubHub is not for you, you are not tied to us for a lengthy period of time.

    Best wishes

    Mark Ramskill, SubHub
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