Any Paypal Experts Out There?

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I made my button and everything is working fine, but...

On the "Thank You for Your Payment" page it says


Customer's address here
Anytown, FL 33333
United States

My problem is my products are online courses and digital downloads. I don't ship anything. This is really confusing my customers.

How do I remove the "Your Order Is Being Shipped To": line?


John P
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    You need to create a thank you page of your own, host it, and redirect the script of the button so it links over to your thank you page rather than the default paypal thank you page. You will not be able to change the text of the default thank you page.

    If you need one on one help, I can probably do that for you too. Just PM me if you need a walkthru.

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    Thank you guys, problem solved. Somehow I missed the "Do you need your customer's shipping address" option in Step 3

    All fixed, thanks again,

    John P
    Want to Create a Profitable Online Course?

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    Glad you were able to fix it! Setting a 'thank you' page that is custom and on your own domain is the best way to go (you can add your own thank you page URL in the PayPal button code).

    If you're selling a digital product, I would highly recommend taking a look at e-junkie. It is similar to PayPal and will let you accept credit cards but is specialized for digital download content and will email your customers a link to download your product. You can set it to expire the link after a certain period of time, make licenses if you're selling software.. etc. Lots of features. Check it out!
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