How much is an 11 year old domain worth?

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I own ... it's about 11 years and a half old, it's 1 worded, let's say it receives 0 traffic and has no content, if I were to sell the domain only, how much would I get? Because I can get many of these domains, maybe a good way to flip domains
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    simply because it is old, it does not mean it worth something. better build the site, get more traffic, then it will worth much more.

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      Originally Posted by AverageGuy View Post

      simply because it is old, it does not mean it worth something. better build the site, get more traffic, then it will worth much more.

      don't underestimate domain age!!
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    I know, that's what I am in the process of, but it got me 20 UV a day with completely no promotion from Google, I can get hundreds of these , that's why I'm asking.
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    I don't really know what matagorda is, other than a city name... and part of the value of a domain name has to do with the opportunity that word presents.

    i.e. would be worth a boat load of cash, because there is an obvious opportunity to capitalize on that word. The potential market for that word is gigantic. isn't nearly as widespread (that doesn't mean there is no value in it though).

    Presented to the right person, it might be worth a whole lot of money... The trick is finding that person.
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    Well there is a 10 year old domain , I can find many o f these domains, and with PR 6 and etc.
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    I have one myself and even with traffic still flowing to it I found it its not worth much. Its worth more redirecting traffic to one of my other sites. I would guess the value really comes when you add a site to it and its profitable.
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    $10 the cost of registration ... Unless it is opt. for keywords, short and simple, and can be used in any niche and not specific to just one, and the brand is protected then $10 is what it will be worth.

    Add a website, get targeted traffic, prove income generation, and etc - then it will be worth money...

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    Age doesn't matter if it has no backlinks, content etc.

    I registered a domain 2 years ago for 5 years and i didn't use it. It's still lying in my Godaddy account and I still haven't used it. That doesn't mean it has some good search engine rankings or it has a high value for someone.

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      I think age might matter in some way as i heard the age of a domain will have some importance in SEO, but depends if it got backlinks 11 years ago though too.

      I aint too sure how true that is though
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        This domain is not archived here*/

        I normally check if it shows a history of the domain here. Not sure if the info is of much help but at least you know something about your domain.

        For you domain I don't think it is worth anything. Rather search for keyword domains as you will be able to flip them for more.
        Do you want 30 back-links in my PRIVATE BLOG network for ONLY $20 ???

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    Instead of asking, just toss it up on a site like and get it in front of a lot of potential buyers. You can even set a reserve price, if you want. Then you can get some real-world feedback about what it might be worth.
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