What's The Angle On The Scarface Video?

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Ok so I'm posting this here because it's obvious (in my opinion) that this is marketing of some sort... I just can't figure out exactly why. Maybe someone here knows.

You may have seen the latest viral video - scarface for kids that hit Youtube and other video sites on March 29th. That's only 3 days of views and just the Youtube version has pulled down 1.8MM views. The first day alone was a quarter million.

Here's the link - http://www.youtube.com/watchv=uovmpapecjq

The interesting part is the channel. It's obviously (to me) fake. Like Fake blog style. The channel owner is "cindymomof6" LOL. And the details of the channel owner are right wing christian cliche. EVERYTHING is set up to be a viral hit.... and it's working like gangbusters.

Another thing I've noticed recently is that they are now running media buys for this thing. I saw a media buy on Drudge for the break.com version of the vid. I guess it could've been break.com that bought the multi thousand dollar space but it makes me wonder if it's not the video creator. I've heard there are other advertisements for the video but I haven't personally run across them yet.

My question is - What's the angle?? Where's the monetization?? I just don't see this being done for the lulz alone. If that's all it is someone went to a lot of trouble to get some kicks.

I've seen this kind of stuff before but you can usually spot the monetization or branding somewhere. Can't seem to find the angle on this one. Pretty interesting though. Ridiculous views. How much would it cost to get those kind of eyeballs under your control without the internet??? Makes you think about the power of the net. Mass control indeed....

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