How much traffic is 1000 MB Bandwidth?

by AndrewStark 3 replies

I'm launching a new site shortly and it's set 1000 MB bandwidth.

How much traffic would break this? Are we talking thousands of hits, or tens of thousands?

I do have salesvideo's, but they're hosted separately with AmazonS3 - the last think I want to do is to be left with egg on my face for a site that doesn't work.
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    It all depends on what you have on your site to load images etc. But a normal web site without anything super flashy such as video would be around 2,000 - 4,000 visitors.
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    It will all depend on the size of your page, how many graphics etc.

    Each graphic is a hit and any other text or item is worth a certain amount of bandwidth.

    Just save your page into a folder and look at the properties for the folder and then divide it into 1000mb. That will tell you how many visitors.

    1 bit = 1024 kbs
    1024 kbs = 1 mb
    1024 mbs = 1 gb

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    Cool, I've upped it to the maximum 9.77 GB so it should cope easily with the few thousand hits I'm expecting, and I'll contact my host to make sure I can get more if I notice my affiliates are getting too good at driving traffic.
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