What Have You Done Well In IM?

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    Hi Mike - That sounds like an invitation to blow our own trumpet!

    So with cheeks fully puffed out like Sachmo, i'd say that what I got right (almost) from the start was the decision to create my OWN products and work on that more than I worked on affiliate marketing.

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      Let me join the brass band!

      I've always provided my best information for free and it has paid off for me in a huge way.
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        Right from the start? Nothing. I made $28 in 5 months.

        I was probably one of the biggest failures in this business that you could
        possibly want to NOT be. I did everything wrong.

        Took me a very long time to get my act even half together.
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            Had an 'out of the box' thought process...
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              Transferring management skills from my offline business into
              my online business. Making sure I set clear goals and targets
              and tracking my results.

              The testing, tracking and analysis of all my activities enabled
              me to continuously improve my sales and marketing processes
              and to increase my profits.

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              I would say, the reason for most of my income as an internet marketer is in most cases due to article marketing towards a review of a clickbank affiliate offer.

              This works over and over again. Still I find it hard to write so I am growing towards outsourcing most of my work. As a native scandinavian I also find it hard to write great articles in english.

              However, my next goal is to build a community webpage. I have some ideas in my notepad.

              Hopefully when a similar question reach warriorforum in a year from now, I have something more worthwhile to brag about.

              Mister Munch
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              Procrastination is what I did wrong. Amd that is what I hated my self for.

              I was alrady spending 40+ hours in college and 15+ in part time job teaching Physics so I had to put IM aside whener time demanded. but once I quit my part time, things have become easy!
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            Originally Posted by BIG Mike View Post

            Well, at some point you must have started doing something right. What was the first thing you did that started working?
            Well, the first thing I did right, after 5 months of floundering around was
            picking somebody to trust to give me some real honest advice. Up to that
            time, I wasn't getting help from anybody, simply because I didn't know where
            to look for it and didn't have anybody offer to help me.

            I them received an email from a retired school teacher in Indiana. Her name
            was Pam Lyon. She saw one of my horrible ads for some crappy biz op (you
            know the ones I mean) and told me what I was doing wrong. She then made
            a few suggestions.

            I looked over her list and started going through it piece by piece. At the
            time, I wouldn't have noticed good advice from bad advice, but I had to
            trust somebody.

            I looked at her part about freelancing your skills. I realized that I had been
            writing for many years (over 25 at the time) and that maybe I could make
            some money offering my services. So I started looking for freelancing jobs.

            That's when I discovered that there are many sites out there that will pay
            you for your work. Some pay better than others, but it was a start. I was
            actually making money doing something that I enjoyed doing.

            Then I realized that there were probably plenty of people who were in the
            same boat as me. They were looking for ways to make money online. So
            I decided to write a book which was basically about what I learned about

            However, in the meantime, as I did my research, I ran into other things
            that I also discovered to be legit businesses, such as marketing products
            online. Pam turned me onto another person, Juan Walker, who had his own
            business and own products. He taught me how to promote them and so I
            did. I didn't make a fortune, but I was making money doing it. So I included
            these tactics in my book as well, making sure I explained everything in
            plain English so that any idiot could understand it.

            I then got into the area of studying lead generation. That's how I learned
            about safelists, FFA sites, traffic exchanges and message boards and how
            to use them correctly.

            With all that I learned, I had not just a solid book, but a whole collection.
            But the key was, I could prove that I was having success doing these
            things. It wasn't just theory.

            Long story short, and it took me 2 years to acquire all this knowledge, I
            had my first product out and was selling 200 copies a month for almost a

            It was the beginning of making a real name for myself with newbies.

            And I have basically catered to them since because I haven't forgotten
            how hard it was for me when I first started.

            Those first $28?

            They came from paid to type ads and surveys.

            5 months.

            I've come a long way since.
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            Originally Posted by BIG Mike View Post

            Well, at some point you must have started doing something right. What was the first thing you did that started working?
            I'm with Steve on this one. I didn't do anything right to start with. Everything I tried failed miserably (or at least wasn't as successful as it should have been).

            But, on the flip-side I can say that things really started to go right for me when I started creating my OWN products. My list started growing and I started making sales. And so how did I do that? I also started giving away my best information for free.

            So, for all those others out there that are struggling to get kicked off right, I would say "start creating your own products", and "give away your best information for free". It will really make the difference in your business.
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              Hey Mike,

              Yeah, it's a whole lot easier to remember all the stupid stuff you did cause, at least in my case, it sure outweighed the things I did right!

              But for me, I would have to say that learning how to build web sites was the thing I got right.

              Now, if I can just figure out all that other stuff... :rolleyes:

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