Experienced Warriors, Please Help

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Hi, Warriors,

I have updated my website, added professionally designed graphics to spiff it up, and would love some feedback on what to do to make it successful.

I have AdSense on it, as well Amazon, and some affiliate offers. I know I need to add a list capture feature, and am working on it. The free offers are almost ready to put up. I did have Linkshare, but somehow my account has been messed up or deleted, so I deleted their ads.

I am concerned that I don't get enough traffic to make much in sales. At the rate they are coming in, it will take me several years to make payout level at AdSense or Amazon. I have lots of articles pointed to the site, as well as a couple of blogs that are specific to this endeavor, aroundmomskitchentable.blogspot.com and bulk-cooking.blogspot.com. I plan to move these to my own hosted blog site soon.

Please, if you have time, review my site and make recommendations.

Thanks for any help offered.

Please see www dot momsredkitchen dot com for the site.

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    real quick from what I saw...

    if you set up the site straight for adsense than fine but really if you want to make the real money and keep people on your site then get rid of the adsense and offer your own products or services right there along with all your great tips and recipes.

    I had a client in real estate that was making $200 a month on adsense and thought that was great until explained to him most of his adsense was his competition and people were leaving his site to theres and everytime he lost a potential $5,000 deal(his average made per deal)
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      Thank you, fasteasysuccess.

      I appreciate your time and comments. This makes sense.

      When would you say is a good time to use AdSense?

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        Take a look into using video to drive traffic. It's pretty effective and there are some great tutorials out there.

        It's cheap, works better than PPC if done right and works well for a LONG time.
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    It really depends on what you're main goal is. To sell your own product/services or strictly for some adsense money. There's some people that like it and use it often for main income but me personally my main goal is to generate the leads and sales for my business versus sending the lead/customer to some other company for a few cents.

    At the very least if you are going to use adsense atleast make sure it's not a competitior such as if you sell recipes don't send them to buy someone elses.

    Hope that helps
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      Thank you Maverick_ and fasteasysuccess!

      I am working toward selling a homestyle family cookbook, as well as maybe selling some public domain recipe books. I have almost convinced my daughter in law to be a model/actor for some how-to videos for YouTube. (Fingers crossed here.)

      The cookbook needs one more copyediting review and an index and it will be ready.

      I hadn't thought about blocking recipe and cookbook type ads, though I knew it was possible.

      I truly appreciate the help.

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