Why Would You Submit an Article to Buzzle?

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I was looking at a few articles on Buzzle. I noticed that all of the links in the articles pointed to other articles on Buzzle. Do they really not let you have a resource box. Sure, I know some of their articles can get good rankings but I would rather stick with someone else.

Do they take out the links you put in and replace them with their own links? Or do these article writers just write for fun and let buzzle link to where ever they want?
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    They let you place one link of your own and then there is the link to Buzzle below that. Some authors don't place a self-serving link - as funny as that sounds.

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    Well, I guess some people truly like to write and don't care about getting paid. Not me, but I am not a writer.
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    Yes, you can link to your site with Buzzle. Why not try it out yourself? Don't worry about what others are doing that doesn't make sense, just try submitting one article and see if it works!
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      Yes you can now put a link in that article to your site.

      Keep in mind that they changed the format so some of the older articles don't appear to have links in them (formerly you couldn't put a link in the article...the links appeared in a list below).

      Buzzle articles with the right title can get very high rankings in the search engines for keyword phrases you target so it can be worthwhile to submit to them.

      Kindest regards,
      Andrew Cavanagh
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    They except unique articles only.
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    Sorry to bump this thread, but I just wanted to add something folks may not be aware of. The reason that so many articles on Buzzle don't have resource boxes or outbound links is because most of the articles on that site are actually written by their own staff.
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    IMO there are too many other high PR article directories that provide a nice place in the SERPS and do not limit the links and do not require total uniqueness.
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