So, you wanna be a Rock Star?

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I was listening to one of the true 7-figure rock stars of the internet describe his ideas regarding marketing during one of his trainings, and one of the things he mentioned was that 90% of the marketing you do probably won't work, but the 10% that does can change your life.

The tricky part is finding that 10% before you decide it's not working and quit.

This guy has submitted 254 articles to one particular article directory. He wrote 107 articles that attracted a fairly small amount of views, the highest being about 1,279 views over 3 years. Certainly nothing to get too excited about. Most of the rest of them were between 50-500 views.

Now, what if he had decided that articles were a waste of his time, or even worse that this whole business was a waste of his time?

Well, he wouldn't have written his 108th article...the one that has had 60,236 views since he submitted it.

It just so happens that the program he was promoting paid out a commission of $1,000 per sale as well as additional cash for sales made by the people he sponsored. He had a system in place to capitalize on massive laser targeted traffic and blew it out of the park. Needless to say, he and his sponsor had a pretty good year...

Will you quit at #107 because you've "tried that, and it didn't work"?
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