Who in your opinion has the best Niche Research data?

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Hello everyone

I've been doing some research on, well, Niche Research, and thought it would be important to ask fellow warriors who they believe is the best Niche Research data provider? Who comes up with the best Niche data WSOs?

Thank you in advance, take care

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      I do agree, that's an invaluable tool. Nevertheless, I was enquiring more precisely about fellow warriors whose "specialization" is providing niche data to other warriors. For example Tom Wood, Ross Kenny, etc.
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    There was a great video I watched a few months ago on that particular subject, the guy went into google and just went through his entire keyword researching process. I thought by writing this comment his name would pop into my head but it hasn't yet You'll probably get a PM from me at 4 in the morning once I remember the guys name.

    In Times Of Change, Learners Inherit The Earth

    Liam McIvor Martin

    Outsourced Facebook Marketing

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    Hi Liam, maybe you were talking about this video?

    If it wasn't, anyway I thought it'd be a great idea to share it as the tip at the end seems quite valuable.
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    I am launching a product soon and it will be the best if you're lazy like me.

    Generate Unlimited Number of Micro Niche Keywords, Multi-threaded EMD Finder PLUS More!

    50% OFF WSO.
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    Your own brain should be able to process the data.

    Most markets reveal themselves quite bluntly.
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    Personally I like to look at what is already selling - then slightly improve it. Seems to work pretty well as a business model.

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    That was a great video it had some info I had never seen before. I feel more like an IM newbie everytime i get on this forum
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    I suspect that I have a darn good source, as I own a portal that a lot of traffic goes through. Still, the stats are often misleading. Learning to read stats right is a real challenge.
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