getting started with clickbank - please help!!

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So I just signed up at clickbank finally and I'm having a little difficulty getting started.

When browsing through the "Marketplace" section I've come across a few good products in the "e-business and e-marketing" category I'm interested in promoting. However, I'd like to dedicate a full page ad on one of my domains for a particular product but the only advertising material I can find is text link codes. I cannot locate banners or full page ads. Am I just not looking in the right place or is that all that's available?

Please forgive me, I've promoted several affiliate programs over the years but I'm a total newbie when it comes to clickbank.

I have one other question, if all that's available are text links, is URL masking allowed? I know what URL masking is, but I've never actually used it before and I'm not sure what the rules are with that as far as clickbank TOS and how Google treats such sites.

Any help would really be appreciated!!!
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    While some Clickbank merchants have lot of promotional material for affiliates, some do not. Go to the actual product site and see if there is an affiliate section on the site (you can also do google search ""to find the affiliate promo page)

    You will most likely find text ads, blog posts, keywords, banners etc...

    Most merchants would be fine with URL masking. However if you going to use traffic source like Google Adwords then URL masking wouldn't work.
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    In the past I have 'borrowed' a picture from the site I am going to promote and just hyperlink that image with the standard text affiliate link. You are promoting their product so they shouldn't mind this at all
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    If its going to be full page, you could just use an iframe to show the actual sales page of the product itself.

    I dont know what the context is but if you're that worried, you could find another product with better affiliate resources
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    You have to see if the merchant has an affiliate program where he gives you tools to promote the program, if not you have 2 options...

    1. You create them yourself

    2. You look for a similar product in Clickbank with an affiliate program.

    ^PV Reymond
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    Usually, most popular Clickbank products do provide a hell of a lot of promotion material. The top 10 will certainly provide. I am not sure, which IM product you are trying to promote does not actually give you banners, if so it may just not be the best product to promote. May be you are looking in the wrong area. I suggest that you find the affiliate area (usually at the bottom of the sales page it self) and try to find the promotional material you want or just e-mail the vendor for the stuff you want.

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      By 'full page ad' I presume you mean a pre-sell page. If that's the case, don't get hung up on graphics and banners, if you want to throw one or two up then do so but the sales come from the way you pre-sell the product. It's all in the words, not the pictures.

      If you are just looking for banners to get clicked on then make them yourself. I'm yet to find any banners provided by affiliates that have a good CTR. Everyone seems to be hung up on pretty graphics ... dare i say it again, it's words that sell.

      If you need a banner, in most niches you will get a better CTR by making it look plain and simple like an Adwords ad.

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    I suggest you throw up a review site of the clickbank product and promote it that way.

    People are wisening to it, but I still think it would be a great way to market any clickbank product.

    Your opinion matters more than an Ad.
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        Originally Posted by Alexa Smith View Post

        As a writer, I'd love to agree wholeheartedly with this, but to be honest I'm afraid I've seen too much conflicting evidence from split-testing results using the same wording with different graphics, which can certainly make a very significant difference to conversion-rates.
        I won't dispute that, I'm not great with graphics so it's not something I have tried, although it's given me something to think about.

        Now I'd better clarify what I meant.

        Of all the affiliate pre-made banners I have used I get a very low CTR compared to replacing it with a 'stretched' Adword clone. That's not to say the graphics don't help, but I think when affiliates have their banners created, there tends to be more emphasis on it looking good and less thought on giving it an attention grabbing call to action.

        Given a choice between a great picture with not much more than a product name or some very weak hook - or just the hook with no graphic, I go for the latter and it always outpulls the affiliate banner. It's the same with Amazon widgets, I personally find them a complete waste of time. I replace them with something that looks cr*p and get much better results.

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