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I've seen Faster Audio - Cut Your Learning Time in Half but I think $67 is a little steep and no affiliate program yet.

Does anyone know of any other software program, free or otherwise, that can speed up mp3 files easily like this one does?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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    You can play mp3's on your pc at faster speeds using Windows Media Player.

    I also have an Olympus recorder that plays WMA files at double speed. Just use a free mp3 to wma converter to set them up.

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    Maybe I didn't make myself clear. What I want is the ability to take a standard mp3 that I've ripped of some spoken training and save it as a faster version for playback on my ipod or whatever. I have some training that is hours long and I know if I speed it up it will be quicker. I don't want to be tied down to the PC, though. I want the mp3 file itself to be faster. Thanks for the suggestion, though.
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    Import the file into something like Audacity and compress it
    into half the length, then re-render to MP3 using LAME
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