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Hi folks, first coffee of the day and feeling inspired for some healthy contribution.

This is pretty muched aimed at beginners here and since I avoid using the "N" word (yes the one that rhymes with boob) , all who can relate to this category should immediately cross over mentally to advanced Internet user.

The first thing I noticed when joined the WF, way back in February 2010 was the massive amount of information presented in here.
No matter how your brain deals with information overload, it is not a comfortable place to be in so, what I did was I started mind mapping everything in sight.

The sections of the WF are marked clearly and most users are disciplined enough to follow the rules of this forum which is really great if you ever been part of some other forums on the web where there are perhaps 1000 times less users yet there is a huge mess all the time.

Now, if you are a total beginner to IM, then I really suggest you find yourself a guide, book, mentor etc. to begin your path. I started with one recommended source, and by the way, if you kindly ask warriors here to point you to a good beginner source, teacher etc, you will undoubtedly get many positive replies. The way I would follow that advice is, I would pick one source that is mentioned the most and generally one that warriors here collectively acknowledge as being a unrivaled champion on the subject.

My second step , which brings me to the subject of the post is to start actively following threads and members of this forum. This step will also be the final one for many marketers and will be a ongoing source of "free" and quality information.

Initialy, it can be a source of much confusion too but don't worry it is just a phase which will definitely pass if you are serious about pursuing IM and participating in the forum. After a few weeks you should already start recognizing a good number of users and be confident to trust some with your bank account details, (not kidding) many folks here evoke that sort of confidence and trust simply because they have been here for many years and they stand out from the crowd by continuosly contributing with their valuable insights, I have massive respect for such individuals and these are the folks you should follow very closely. Unless it is a post about albino kittens or something crazy like that, they will always drop some pearls about Internet Marketing in their posts, so follow them, stalk them (not at their physical address though) , build little shrines with candles around their avatars, whatever just don't overlook their experience.

Lastly, once you are past the initial stage of becoming familiar with IM and begin actively following the WF, try to stick with one subject. Obviously you are going to pick one area of IM, therefore the best thing is to focus on posts that mention that. For example, if Google Adwords is your pick, then shift all your main focus on that section of the WF, splitting your attention is not a good idea when starting , it will drive you insane, unless you already posess significant knowledge or are well rounded in all these areas.

As time goes by, your brain will rewire itself and begin to let in more and more related information, though the learning will never stop since IM and Internet in general are such dynamic fields, you will have greater potential and will be able to adjust to everything new rapidly.

Having said all that, I really hope there is at least one person reading this who will get inspired today to continue here. As you can see by my join date, I am not advanced or anything, just someone who can vouch that it does not take that long to shift from one field in life to another.

All the best
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    Your post is a worthy contribution and I'm sure will help out many beginners on the forum. You sure are handling the navigation better than I was when I first joined... heh.

    I'll take it one step further, though, and add that you should apply that systematic approach to your business as well. Find a model, figure out the essentials of what you need to do, and start plugging away. No excuses, no whining, just get it done.

    I think you'll do well here

    In all that you do, know your True INTENT...

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