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by Dalun
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I have been using this simple method to gain free content to use in my reports and articles.

The best place to get free and quality content is to visit the forums/messageboards of your niche. It has to be an active forum. You just browse around the forums and find topics that get many replies and views.

Find a topic that deals with a problem in the niche and see many replies and views that topic has. If it has like over 20 replies and 100 views, then go and check it out. Read the problems that the poster has and then read the solutions other members post.

Then just gather all the information and compile it into a report or article. Common sense says that you have to make unqiue so that it wouldn't be consider plagarising.
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    Nice Startergy.... Thanks for Sharing...
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    Forums in your niche are just packed full of people talking about their problems and their issues. It's like free customer research! If I'm ever stuck for ideas then I just go hang out in a forum for an hour or so and see what the popular problems are that I can then go off and solve for them.
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    You should be referencing the people who wrote the content however, if you don't it's technically plagiarism.

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