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So here's the basic overview:

My marketing/business club (DECA) at school is selling smoothies on a day at our school called Club Day, where all the clubs at school are out on the campus selling food, drinks - basically anything! We've decided to sell sushi, smoothies, sandwiches, and "DECA Fortune Balloons", which are basically balloons with fortunes in them, where we will stick some fortunes that say "It's your lucky day! Go buy a smoothie at the DECA club booth and you get a free sushi!"

Our target audience is basically all the high schoolers at my school. Everyone is required to stay on campus for the 2 hour duration of Club Day.

I know that branding is an important part of marketing, and it will help our success in next year's club day, so I was thinking that we should buy the transparent cups for smoothies, and create/print stickers to put on the cups. There are two problems with this:
1. How to create the sticker
2. Where to print the stickers

Another part is that we will be competing with clubs that are selling Jamba Juice smoothies, which are great, but expensive (a small cup is $3-$4). We are making homemade smoothies to beat their price, but I know that a lot of kids go for the good looking foods, so as long as it looks good and tastes alright, word will spread. We've decided to use balloons to stick out above other club booths, and have signs with a few of our members running around to get people to come to our booth and attract more attention. We were planning for a mascot, DECA Duck, but after looking up the price of a Donald Duck head (a whoppling $83), we decided against it. Since we are a new club, we don't have all the resources older clubs have from previous fundraising.

How should we approach this to beat our competition (the other clubs)? And the sticker problem?

PS: I'm just a high school student, so I don't know a ton about marketing yet, but I'm learning!
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    Originally Posted by Valiant View Post

    1. How to create the sticker
    Does no one in your club have Adobe Illustrator? Photoshop? CorelDraw? GIMP?

    2. Where to print the stickers
    Color laser printer. Color copier. Local print shop.

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      Originally Posted by Dan C. Rinnert View Post

      Does no one in your club have Adobe Illustrator? Photoshop? CorelDraw? GIMP?

      Color laser printer. Color copier. Local print shop.
      We have graphic designers with those programs, but I had heard that there were certain ways to create the logo so that it would be better when being printed as a sticker.
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