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I have been watching this site: the keyword academy for some time.
I know Court provides lot of info.
But I think they are getting greedy and wants to rise their income by 100% overnight.

Do you think it is worth the price?
They have 2 services: niche refinery; GPS.

your views, thanks.
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    I think they are good marketers.
    But once they rise the price, I think people just join and take the content and quit. Just use 10 top quality article directories- ezine, go articles, article base, article dashboard etc.
    This article posting system of theirs is just marketing ploy.
    There are great sites: linkvana etc who maintain their own domains and protect them.

    TKO sites are maintained by some beginner and could get greedy or never do good link building. So you won't get much juice out of those links.

    One thing that is tacky is: site owners should have their own hosting, others publish their content to get links. Mark and Court just play middleman role and pocket the money. Pretty sweet if you ask me.

    Linkvana maintain their own domains and hosting. So they are more responsible and care about the sites.
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      I paid the $1 trial fee, downloaded all the videos and info, then quit, though I will say that Niche Refinery is THE best keyword research tool I've ever used.
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        I haven't joined Keyword Academy, but I just started researching it a bit (and found this thread as a result of that research) because it was recommended by someone I trust.

        One thing that is causing me to lean toward buying it is their no-hype approach. They recently lowered the price back to $33/month, but what impresses me is HOW they went about it and announced the price drop. I find the honesty refreshing:

        After watching subscription patterns for three months at the new price, the numbers have made it obvious that doubling the price from $33 to $67 was, well, a mistake.

        We thought we’d give a higher price a shot, and it has taken very little time for new subscribers to send us the message that $67 per month is just too much to handle when you’re trying to get a new internet business off the ground.

        So without any delay, we’re switching price of TKA Pro back to $33 per month.

        Hopefully this teaches us a lesson about fixing things that clearly are not broken.
        They also include on the home page a detailed explanation of the commonly-deceptive "free for 30 days" offer that can be and is used by other marketers to lure the unsuspecting into a paid membership. And they very clearly explain that the subscriber is in control and can cancel at any time through Paypal, and they tell people HOW to do that. Yes, I know that most trial offers can easily be canceled through Paypal, but unwary newbies can be sucked in to a monthly payment scheme without realizing that they have the means to get out of it.

        I haven't yet decided whether the info in Keyword Academy is what I want, but I applaud their straightforward marketing techniques.

        Jan Weingarten
        Substitute "damn" every time you're inclined to write "very"; your editor will delete it and the writing will be just as it should be. ~Mark Twain

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