Are We Allowed To Use Pen Names For Blogger?

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Just curious,

Are we allowed to use pen names in blogger? I know that ezine articles allows pen names but am not sure about Blogger blogs.
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    There are rules on the Internet?
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    Originally Posted by Tom Pregon View Post

    What kind of answer is that?
    LOL It means don't be overly concerned about rules. Rules are not laws.

    You might want to change your IP for more than 2 or 3 Blogger accounts, so they don't catch on to you. There are people who have more than a hundred Blogger accounts.

    It might not be the best idea to monetize too many blogs with Adsense, as Google ties all your blogs together when you use the same publisher number. If they discover you have a blog farm, you can end up in Google's sand box.
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      Thanks for that info,

      I'm not at the point yet of having more than 2-3 blogger accounts...however how can I go about changing my IP adress when that time comes?

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    If you have a router then usually just taking out the power cable of it and re plugging it will do the trick. Otherwise you can download a program called hotspotshield which can also change your ip.
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    Don't invest too much in any one blogger blog as they get deleted by Google often.

    A few posts for a keyword and move on in my opinion is best. Use a website you control for your heavy investment of time and work.

    Read the TOS and follow it closely for Blogger.

    Good Luck,
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      If your real name is Tom Hanks, and on your blog you referred to yourself as James Torby, then the internet wont even know you have known a pen name, neither will you go to jail or anything, relax!

      Even if they did find out you had been writting with a fake name you can always say that James Torby is the name of my writer
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    it should be no problem for pen names. I have several on Ezines as well as my wordpress blogs.
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    I believe you can have a pen name - you are not trying to cheat, rob or steal are you? Then go for it.

    As for blogger be very careful, google is closing some of them down - just do a search here in the forum and you will see what has happened to other warriors.
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    I am not sure if there are any specific rules but I have used lots of pen names for Blogger accounts over the years.

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    I feel it is fine to use a pen name as not everyone would want to mention their real name.

    As some warriors has mention already, it will be safer to have your blog or website hosted in your own server account as Google can remove your blog anytime.

    As long as you are providing quality content in the blog, I do not see any problems in using a pen name.

    Hope my humble contribution helps


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    I can't see what's wrong with having a pen name.

    “The first draft of anything is shit.” ~Ernest Hemingway

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    There is nothing wrong with having a pen name. I have been using them for years.

    Every time I change topics, I change pen names... I have written articles on dozens of subjects, but I learned a few years ago that people have me boxed into a certain type of writing, and they don't want to read other topics from me...

    I learned the lesson the hard way when I wrote about American History instead of Online Marketing... People were complaining left and right that they read me because I wrote about Online Marketing and they did not appreciate me wasting their time with American History... ;-)

    When I write the resource box for my pen named articles, I generally say, "Pen Name writes about topic." That is the bio of my pen name... And it is not at all dishonest...

    I actually use more than three dozen pen names, covering my vast range of interests.

    The Internet does not care whether you are using your real name or a pen name with your articles or websites.

    The funniest thing that has ever happened to me is that someone hired me to ghost write an article for them, and when I asked them more about their topic, they sent me an article explaining that everything I needed to know about the subject was in that article... The article was written by me, under one of my pen names!

    Blogger has its own things to be wary about, but pen names is not one of those things that should concern you.

    p.s. A lot of women online write under pen names to protect their identity and their private lives from prying eyes...
    Bill Platt, Oklahoma USA,
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    You can use any name as you want on blogger, no one will stop you from doing that, and also many people are currently using pen names on it, so I don't see why you can't use it.
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