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I'm a bit new to paying for hosting There's something I don't quite understand about it hopefully someone can clear this up.

Do you have to pay separately to have each website hosted or do you merely pay for a single hosting account that can cover multiple sites?
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    Depends which plan you go for!

    Check this out:

    Web Hosting - Shared cPanel Web Hosting

    Shows you all the plans you can have. Hostgator is reliable btw.
    The baby plan allows you to have multiple domains, which is most popular I believe.

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    Most shared hosting plans allow you to have unlimited addon domains. Addon domains display with their own web address, just like your primary domain. The only problem with that set up, is if you need more than one IP address, which you will if you begin making a bunch of blogs on your domains. Google will penalize you for too many blogs with the same IP. If you're just putting up websites for various projects such as sales pages, shared hosting is great.
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    It depends on your plan. Like host gator, can host multiple websites per plan.
    plus they have excellent customer service. I would Highly recommend them.
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