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I'm looking for a directory/list/site that has affiliate products that pay high dollar. No $25 commissions, or even $75. Looking for products probably starting at $500 and up, for 3- and 4-figure commissions.
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    Good luck with that.
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    ​​​​​​​ Free and Easy Does Not Exist? What if there is an exception...

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    I remember seeing someone having a program like that a couple of months ago, don't remember the name of the program or who put it out.

    About the closest I can think of is one by a fellow warrior. It's selling silver and gold coins (not forex).
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    There are lots ... Dan Kennedy has big ticket items in the business niche (so there must be others ... think Joe Vitale and the like).

    I know a lady called Marie Smith has a Social Media course for Facebook, Twitter etc to help with business owners that costs the best part of $500 with 50% commissions.

    And I often see copywriting products (Clayton Makepeace, AWAI etc) that cost several hundreds to several thousands of dollars.

    The common theme is that they're aimed at business owners looking to boost their small businesses.

    There are also quite a few in the trading niche (have seen them for Forex and EFT trading) where you could be trading thousands of dollars a day ... so whats a couple of hudred on your education?!

    Good luck digging.
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    For those who made positive posts/contributions, thank you. It's not easy finding the big ticket stuff.

    Doubt everything you believe.

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    Some have their own affiliate programs. Like Affiliates | SibSystems.com|Internet Marketing Services and Blog They have some large products up to about $5000 for Internet marketing services.
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    Or you can get an early heads up on upcoming launches from Internet Marketing News Watch . Still, to me the best way to be in loop on high commission products that are up and coming are through being on other people's JV Partners list.
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    The highest paying affiliate program I know of is doing "headhunting" for companies which has positions to fill. They usually pay 20% - 30% of a candidate's starting salary. For example, if you refer somone who gets hired at $100K a year and the company agreed to pay you 20%, you will get a check for $20,000. I have gotten checks for $30,000 doing headhunting, and it's not that complicated to do.
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