These guys got it easier than everybody else

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Who, in your opinion, usually have an easier start in Internet Marketing compared to the others? Web programmers, SEO experts, Offline marketers, Freelance writers, Copywriters?
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    I think copywriters. If you can sell on your site and can earn alot on eatch visitor, you afford to buy expensive traffic.
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    I'm not sure there is an "easier than anyone else" route.

    If I had to choose, I'd say that someone who already has a successful record in marketing or sales might have it easier.

    The techie basics can be learned fairly quickly by anyone of reasonable intelligence, or hired out for a reasonable fee.

    Having a sales or marketing background might give one a bit of a head start, but you still have to find a willing market, figure out what they want, and provide it in a way that they buy what you're selling.
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    It's all traffic and conversion! If you can master conversion(copywriting) you don't have to be a genius at getting traffic to make money because you can just buy it.

    If you master getting cheap traffic you don't have to be a master at conversion to make money because you're getting a lot of traffic for free(SEO) or very inexpensively.

    If you master both which must be your goal you'll be killing it!

    I suggest everyone learn SEO principles and copywriting.
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    Offline marketers by far. In order to succeed online you need more than just a pretty website, a good product and good sales copy. It's sad I know. Sure those elements are extremely important. But even when you get them set up you have to start promoting them effectively. Offline marketers understand this very clearly when they move their business to the Internet.

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