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Well I hope it's a keyword question.

I am going to use the keyword "dog training" as an example. The numbers are close but don't apply to dog training.

I did some keyword research and found a great keyword "dog training". There are almost 10,000 searches a day and the competition is very lax. First page should not be a problem.

I wanted to get the domain but it was taken. So I ended up with Probably a little longer than I needed but it does have my keyword.

I threw up a quick WP blog with 5 posts. I used Dog Training That Actually Works at the beginning of every title.

A few days later I checked the ranking and I'm #4 for the search Dog Training That Actually Works. I am not listed at all for the term Dog Training.

I have dropped a few articles on ezine using Dog Training as my anchor text and a couple more with ArticleBot. I used Dog Training That Actually Works in the title and they are all on first page for that term, not dog training.

In the next day or two I will add an article to my site optimized for the term Dog Training. Dog Training - The Best Way to Go About Dog Training or something like that. I will also drop a few more on ezine and with ArticleBot. This time I will shorten the keyword in the title to judt "Dog Training".

I am sure it's just the lag of my articles but I have to admit that I am kind of surprised. I mean I have the keyword in my domain.

Is my domain too long tailed? Is that even possible?

Am I just being impatient? That is definitely possible.

Would I have been better off to get

I will submit some more articles and add a few backlinks. I just wanted to get your opinion on this.

Thank you in advance,
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    Your probably not being patient enough. it might take over a month for your backlinks and articles to start giving your site any pr. I would just keep doing what you are doing.
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    I'm agreeing with Red Flea on this. You're going to have to wait a while. SEO is a sloooow process.

    There are some tricks out there to get your site (or links to your site) up in the first page for nearly any term almost overnight - but it dwindles away pretty quickly, and isn't really worth it unless what you're doing is time sensitive.
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    Hey mate,
    You need to check what PR and how many backlinks the first 10 results in Google have. Dog Training looks near impossible to crack. If you are planning on making a niche site, then maybe look into a sub niche where the 1st page of the SERPs have mostly a combination of

    Yahoo Answers/answerbag/chacha
    Article Directories(ezine, go, etc.)

    You can destroy these and go #1 easily
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    Ranking for the term "Dog Training" is going to take a whole lot more effort than a few articles... Dog training is a HUGE niche and that's a PRIMO keyword.

    Your domain is a bit long, but that's fine.

    If I were you, I'd focus more on long tail keywords, not short broad ones.

    i.e. Dog Training could have people searching for all kinds of stuff (schools to take their dogs to, ebooks, ceasar milan, etc. etc. etc) It's not a tight keyword.

    "Dog Training Ebook" on the other hand, is pretty specific, and it's pretty clear what people searching for that word are looking for. Look for more of those types of keywords and start using those as anchor text.
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    Find a keyword that is less competitive and more longtail, and get the domain for that keyword. It takes a 100th of the time to rank an exact match domain.

    The other way, which you're already doing, ranking a seemingly generic/longtail domain for a short tail keyword does take time (3 - 6 months, depending on the keyword etc). Even though it has the keyword in... it's still a lengthy process.
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    Was your keyword available in .org or .net?

    I've had great success in ranking those alternatives to .com

    But as others have already said, you really need to give it a bit more time. Keep building backlinks in the meanwhile.
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      Originally Posted by Richard Bachman View Post

      Was your keyword available in .org or .net?
      No, they are all taken.

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