If I Can Make My First Clickbank Sale Today, You Can Make It Too!

by King Shiloh Banned
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Honestly, if King Shiloh can make his first Clickbank sale, anybody can make it! Yes, I know where I'm coming from.

I didn't make $1, I made $9.63 for the first time via Clickbank as an affilaite marketer. It's unbelievable; I feel like removing the roof of my house!

Why did I say that anybody can make it? I just joined IM full-time in December, 2009. That is, about 4 months ago and I knew almost nothing about this IM thing but I decided to learn from someone that has truly made it. I decided to follow his instructions no matter how painful, inconvenient or hard they might be.

What happened?

  1. My business coach did keyword research and got a domain name for me
  2. He set up a wordpress blog for me
  3. I did keyword research using the Google keyword tool
  4. I used the keywords to write 40 articles on the niche and submitted them to EZA
  5. I waited for the articles to be approved by EZA
  6. I submitted the RSS URL of the articles to top RSS Aggregators
  7. I published the articles on my site; 1 article per day.
  8. I pinged the articles daily after publishing them on my site - I used pingomatic.com and pingoat.com
These are just little things that anybody can do.

Who says you can't make it in IM? The person lied because I have just found out that you are the only person that can tell yourself that you can't make it.

Well, I appreciate my business coach and friend, Yommys01 for all the supports. I also appreciate garyfromdurham (Gary), Kim Standerline, moneysoapbox (Emily Meeks), Kevin Riley, Mr. Enthusiastic, bollytintin and so many other warriors for believing in me and inspiring me all the way.

Warrior forum is simply the best internet marketing forum and warriors are the most friendly people on earth.

I love you all!

I will tell you my full story when I hit my first $1k!
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    Congrats on your first clickbank sale! That is very inspiring. I'm new to this whole IM scene myself so it helps to read threads like this!
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      Great work King. You're going to the top!
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    Congrats dude! You'll go far. And best of luck for your $1k - you'll hit that soon, too.

    - Swastik
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  • Profile picture of the author DogScout

    You are a very lucky man to have run in to that list of people with-in 4 months. I managed to go through practically every black-hat, ripoff artist on the net before finding out where people like them hang out.
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  • Profile picture of the author Flint
    Congrats.....I hope that you surpass all of your internet marketing goals!
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    Congrats and well done. Thanks for sharing how you did it. There is more to come.
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  • Profile picture of the author Sue McDonald
    Congratulations - well done. Tell us the full story when you get that $1K. The proof of following a plan and knowing exactly what you want.
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    way to go King, nothing like making that first sale is there?

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    well done good to hear a bit of success that first sale hope to hear again from ya good luck
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    I appreciate all your kind words. And I urge those that have not made any sale to just keep being patient and doing the right thing because they will soon start seeing the result they have been looking for.

    For me to start making it as a Nigerian operating IM in Nigeria, it shows that anybody in any country in the world can actually make it. All you require is determination, focus, perseverance...

    It may not necessarily happen overnight but it will happen someday.

    Best wishes.
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  • Profile picture of the author Matt Green

    I am actually just starting in the affiliate business model and you serve me as an inspiration. It's all about that first sale right? ;D

    And please don't be stupid and go removing the roof from your house, sometimes it rains you now! ;D

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    • Profile picture of the author designerjack
      Thanks my brother for posting your success.
      As you know there are thousand of frustrated IM'ers, and many are ready to throw in the towel, however, when they read of a success story such as yours, this will keep them pushing one more time....
      Thanks for also giving an outline of what you did to succeed.
      You are an inspiration!
      Best of luck,,,you are on your way!

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  • Profile picture of the author michael_nguyen
    Congrats, Wicked feeling isn't it? You feel like you ran 100 meters and beat Usain Bolt or you felt like you won the lottery. Theres plenty more of that mate!

    Heres to your success!
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  • Profile picture of the author GoGetta
    Congratulations Buddy,

    You deserve it, I have seen a lot of your posts on here and they have all added to the community. Glad you have seen success and here's to more where that came from!

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    Good Luck for you 1k.
    If anybody is inspired by this post, it is certainly me!
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    I did a $9.63 sale too for the first time in my life selling The Rich Jerk($18 ebook). And then it was ewen chia's $9 book which sold for $5.xx
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  • Profile picture of the author Sharon Tidball
    Congrats !! The first is the hardest! it's a great feeling... Give yourself a pat on the back.
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  • Profile picture of the author mlord10
    You really clear a huge mental hurdle after making that first sale. Knowing that you can do it is half of the battle. Now, just test what works and what does not, and do more of what works!

    Eventually you will be making 10 sales a day and have a nice income just from clickbank! You can spend a few hours each day and make that a reality!
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