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All, I have a few blogs, a few accounts on article sites, and a few websites, and I've been reading posts where people at least claim to have a hundred blogs, different email accounts, and websites.

And, I use a couple different computers. Currently I'm using Dropbox to sync all my Online Marketing files, plr downloads, original articles, submitted articles, Brilliant ideas gleaned from this site and others, WP templates, squeeze pages, email swipes that I try to change up, clickbank affiliate info, and everything else that seems to come along with this job.

So, my question is what tools are you using to help organize all this stuff?

For example, I'm testing a blog with free plr articles that I'm dripping. All of the articles needed modification, so I dumped all the articles into a directory, and then as I edited the articles, fixed misspellings, grammar issues, and title changes, I moved them into a directory called modified so I could keep them separate from the articles that I have yet to modify.

Also, for article submissions to various places like ezinearticles - they have been pretty quick, but there's a delay between submission and acceptance, so I have to wait before submitting to other article sites, which means that I have a bunch of articles in various stages of acceptance. Though now that I think about it, I could just do them all in batches and wait a week to submit.

Anyhow, since I'm chronically disorganized, I thought I'd ask and see how others keep things organized.


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    I find my creativity arises from the chaos of disorganization!

    Actually, in some things I'm good, but others, not so much. My websites are well organized. My bookmarks are a mess. My office is as neat as a pin, with the exception of my desk, which is cluttered with books, papers, and "essentials" like a shortwave radio, candles, phone, my credit card terminal, more books, more papers, etc.

    I have to say though, it's probably the neatest mess you'll ever find.

    Just when you think you've got it all figured out, someone changes the rules.

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    1Password & Gmail keep me organized better than anything else.

    I use the tasks feature in gmail to create to-do lists and 1password is simply invaluable, I'd be lost without it.
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      I follow the same folder pattern for the niches
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    I'm still trying to master the organisation thing but I am a lot better than when I first started. For me to be organised I need tools I can use quickly while I'm working so if I have an idea for an article or think of something I need to do I can jot it down quickly. If I don't have everything at my finger tips I waste a lot of time

    Each of my websites has the same directory structure with different folders for planning, site templates, content (incl articles), products, traffic, keywords and each site has its own spreadsheet which tracks the keywords I'm currently targeting, backlinks, articles, blog posts, rankings etc.

    My list of things to do is on a program called Agenda at Once. This is paid software but you can also get free programs that do the same thing. The reason I use this one is it is simple, fits on a usb and it is very easy to drag your list of things to do to your weekly schedule if you want to set times for tasks. I also Article Architect to write articles and track submissions and Roboform for passwords.

    Hope this gives you some ideas.

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    If I want to tackle a new project I usually just label a file with the project name and then pull from all my file folders which house my various resources. So as an example I'll have a folder for article marketing, a folder for articles, a folder for SEO training, a folder with videos etc. I then just pull all that data into the project folder and give it to a VA, after that I never see the folder again. I hold the folder on my dropbox but all the resource files I hold on my external hard drive.

    In Times Of Change, Learners Inherit The Earth

    Liam McIvor Martin

    Outsourced Facebook Marketing

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    I have a mess of spreadsheets. I keep one for the various accounts. Another for websites. Another for marketing efforts.

    For example, I keep one spreadsheet for all the article marketing I do for a single website. Each column is dedicated to a single article. I can then see when the article was submitted, approved, etc.

    I'm working on some new things. So, nothing to promote just yet.

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    Thanks All! I'll check out 1Password, and see if I can get better with spreadsheets to keep things organized. For my current todo list, I made a spreadsheet, so you'd think it would have been a natural fit to put blogs and articles in a spreadsheet, but I'm not very spreadsheet oriented - though I'm going to give it a try now!

    I've been using google docs with a spreadsheet for my todo list so that I have access to it no matter where I go.


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    I normally do spreadsheets and have one folder for each project. As for tasks I just have a regular notepad near my computer where I put all that I need to do...
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    I don't have a clue when it comes to organizing but quite frankly I am the king of having organized mess. :-)

    But that is only true for my room not my computer. My room is as filthy as it gets and probably the reason why I don't do videos [background will be a laugh]

    The only thing I have organized on my computer is my passwords. I use Roboform and it helps me a lot keeping all the passwords in one place. Apart from that I have about 5 folders on my desktop called Desktop1, Desktop2, Desktopextras, Desktopextras1 and Desktopdownloads :-)

    Everytime I get a desktop full of icons and it starts getting on my nerves I make a folder and through everything in there so now you see what i mean :-)

    Check out roboform, might be a good tool you could use.

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