Is this your BUSINESS or a HOBBY?

by Simo
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Hey Warriors,

I found this most excellent post on Allan Gardyne's website.

Have a read of this if you are struggling to get traction online and this most-excellent advice will certainly point you in the right direction (and no its not going to make you $123,456 overnight so don't bother clicking the link if thats all you're after)

For more seasoned warriors this may be a great article to read to remind you about your own business

This is your business, not your hobby

So are you running a business or is this a hobby?

Happy "Higher Learning"
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  • Profile picture of the author Delane Krause
    Well to be truthful it started out as a hobby.
    Just wanted to see if money could be earned online.
    Then small profits began to trickel in and I was hooked
    My wife and I both agree this is a nice lettle Biz!

    Save big bucks online and offline.Take the free tour.You´ll love it.

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  • Profile picture of the author tyroneshum
    Starting out a business as a hobby I believe could be a good start because the more you enjoy it, the easier it gets to deal with the business. I honestly can relate to this since I started setting up a Dragonboating ecommerce website.

    I love dragonboating myself and have been competing nationally and internationally with this sport that made me realize that our state do not have enough ways to gather our equipment. That was also the time when I thought setting up an internet business is a fantastic way for me to not only take the ride in it, it also can generate income for me straightaway being one of the first suppliers.

    Starting out could be hard at the start but after you've got systems in place and especially people who'll help to get in touch with the customers, all will be smoothly running according to passion.
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  • Profile picture of the author jazbo
    My answer is "both". Some of it is a business and other parts of it I enjoy so see it as a hobby.
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    • Profile picture of the author Pradeep Bhagwat
      While accepting Internet or any kind of business you should be serious. But if you are doing because you just want money, they you can get money but not satisfaction or joy. That means if your hobby becomes your earning then you will get both satisfaction and joy. You can say that business and hobby can be two sides of one coin and if it happens, there is a great chance of success.

      - Pradeep
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  • Profile picture of the author prettyboy
    It is a little of both. when you're making money it's fun so it feels like a hobby, but as soon as things get tight, it feels more like a business because the pressure builds and you gotta bring in cash.
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  • Profile picture of the author epagini
    Well I think that I'm part of the group that likes what he's doing. I mean, I started dealing with the web for 10 years now, it was a hobby. Now it's my business and it's still my hobby so I guess i'm a bit lucky because I get to do what I like and earn a living from it.
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    • Profile picture of the author imMindset
      When I first started IM, it was definitely just a hobby as I liked throwing up adsense on free personal blogger blogs, and writing posts every day. But then I started making money from it and that completely inspired me to really take this IM stuff seriously - never initially thought I could actually make a living from it. There's nothing better for me than taking something seriously as a business, but enjoying every minute of it, even all the technical stuff. Going from pre-med studies, to internet marketing was a huge leap!

      But I also realized along the way that I shouldn't forget how I got here in the first place, and that was by writing every day about things people actually enjoy reading, and benefit from.
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