PayPal Alternatives....Suggestions Please

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Hello All,

We were using our PayPal account to receive payments for our SEO services.

Few weeks back, they put our account in limited status without giving any reason. We uploaded all the documents they asked for and after review, they decided to close down our accounts. No explanation, no reason, nothing at all.

We had more than 70 clients who were subscribed to our monthly backlink building services, all of them from warrior forum. All the subscriptions have to be canceled now, since we can't accept payments anymore.

We set up another Paypal for our temporary use, but we are scared to move our clients to this account. What if they do the same to this account as well ?

Can anyone suggest other payment options to sell our services?

2checkout seems to be costly with 5.5% + $0.49 commission for each sale.

Is there any other options available? We're not based in US, so not sure if we have other options left.

Appreciate your thoughts on this.

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    have you tried AlertPay? Not sure if it's available in your country or not. It's works similar to PayPal, although I haven't heard any horror stories about accounts being frozen or shut down with them.
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      Hello Kecia08

      Thanks so much for your reply. Yes, I am aware of AlertPay. They seem to be a good option for us.

      But most customers prefer to pay through paypal and we do not wish to cause them an inconvenience due to this. 2C0 supports paypal payments and I haven't yet found another service which accepts paypal payments.

      Thanks so much

      Originally Posted by Kecia08 View Post

      have you tried AlertPay? Not sure if it's available in your country or not. It's works similar to PayPal, although I haven't heard any horror stories about accounts being frozen or shut down with them.
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      Have you considered Google Checkout?


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    Wow...this is a rare must have had one too many disputes/chargebacks.

    Honestly, you're gonna end up leaving a lot of money on the table if you don't have Paypal as an option, IM'ers all have PP accounts, and prefer to use if you are selling services to IM'ers, then I would NOT walk away from PP....I would just clean up my business a bit.

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    I'd say Google Checkout.

    But hopefully you can work it out with Paypal somehow. I've heard horror stories like this before.

    Luckily, I've been using them for years without issue, but you just never know.
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      I'd agree with Ken, leaving Paypal completely may be a big mistake as you I'd think earnings would drop, considering a lot of IMers solely use Paypal for small payments.

      Here are a couple of alternatives you could try:
      - Liberty Reserve
      - Moneybookers
      - Plimus

      I'd honestly recommend trying Paypal again though, it's the only one I use and I am sure a lot of other IMers stick to it as well.
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    How can you forget Clickbank

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    Google Checkout, Alertpay and Moneybookers come to mind, but I agree with the posters above - if you're totally out of Paypal, you'll probably see sales drop. Just thinking about it personally, if someone doesn't accept Paypal, I'm not going to go out of my way to set up new accounts just to send payment, unless it's something I really, really want.
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    Hi.. I think you need to contact them and ask for a resolution to the problem, it is really hard to let go of paypal after all. Although, in the meantime... well, (I certainly agree with all the suggestions-Google checkout or alert pay). Until such time you can go back to PP considering that it is still the best... I hope everything would be fine and would get good results from paypal..

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    I've used google but have always gone back to paypal.
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    Have them all. The more options you give your customers with regard to payment, the more you will get. Don't leave PayPal, as they are the most well known.
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    I have been using for one of my websites for years and they have been great to work with. They are a little pricier then paypal but I have not found any other solutions for cheaper that I would trust.

    The great thing about 2checkout is they also accept paypal now so your paypal customers can still use paypal through your 2checkout account.

    I also use and they're great but I'm pretty sure they don't accept SEO services
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      You can check out following:

      Money bookers

      Check one of will surely solve your problem.

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        They did the same to me on one of my safelist programs. They thought I was selling email addresses to spammers and they would not listen to what I had to say. They just couldn't understand what a safelist was. I talked to a half a dozen reps and managers - like talking to a 5 year-old kid. At the end of the day, I threw up my hands and closed the site since there was not enough revenue to justify connecting to google checkout.

        I am not done with them though, and I setup my autoresponder site with them for the same reasons that you see posted above. BUT, google checkout is on my to-do list. Paypal is not going to be my sole provider this time. After that I will be looking to hook up a real checkout like But I will probably always keep the paypal buttons.

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    If paypal trashed all my subscriptions by closing my account, there's no way I would go back to them. Suppose you had 10,000 members instead of 70?

    Personally, I've never had any issues with Paypal, whom I've had an account with since 2000, but it seems to me that if they don't give you a good reason for why they closed your account, then you are just asking to be slapped again at some point in the future.

    I use Paydotcom in conjunction with Paypal for a lot of my products, which I think offers another layer of security (or clout) between the seller, customers, and paypal. This might be the reason, I haven't had much trouble, because I've heard that Paypal generally isn't crazy about digital products / services, so a third party like Paydotcom is a plus. I think people who deal with tangible items have less issues with paypal.

    You may want to consider a merchant account as well. At any rate, I hope it works out for you.

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    If it were me, I would try TWO things, and probably ONLY two!

    1. Talk to paypal, ask them WHY they closed you down. If it is for an arbitrary reason, ask if going with paypal pro will cause them to reconsider. THAT way, the risk should be ALL YOURS, and they should agree. That means you can support paypal.

    2. Get an SSL cert, a merchant account, and do it yourself.

    WHY? Well, if paypal had LEGITIMATE reasons, another place might close you down ALSO. HEY, remember the stormpay fiasco!?!?!?

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    Hello Tom,

    I would recommend you use
    All payment solution including mastercard, visacard and paypal is integrated into it.
    Whats is important is your ability to receive your money..

    Good Luck
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    In my experience, the key to addressing PayPal
    issues is to get them on the phone. Keep asking
    for someone above whoever you are talking to until
    you get the issue resolved.

    I've been through this with them in the past and find
    their customer service to be much better than it used
    to be. Their take it or leave it attitude has evolved to
    a great extent.

    I too find them to be an important service to have available.

    Work it out...
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    Despite the high costs 2CO appears to be your best choice as they offer Paypal in addition to their credit cards options. Also important for you may be recurring payments support.
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    I use 2Co as an alternative to Paypal and I am happy with them. I have been using them for years and they are AWESOME!

    Checkout their site: - Merchant Account / Credit Card Processing Alternative

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      The one thing that really irks me about all of the merchant accounts is that they never post their prices. How do you do a comparison if you have to call all of them to ask their prices.

      I think they all figure that they can talk you into signing up when they get you on the phone.

      I just think that is shoddy. But that's me.

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        I looked into merchant accounts recently, what a nightmare. I have a site with 30,000 members - I've never had any trouble with Paypal ever - not one charge back. I decided to look at adding Worldpay as an option for those who didn't use Paypal... after three full months of submitting business plans (loads of question on financials and predicted traffic increases, revenue streams and monetization) and waiting they came back and said they would set up an account no problem but would hold back nearly $25,000 as a reserve to cover potential charge backs! I argued my case for about two weeks after that to no avail before telling them that there was no way on earth I would use their service. I also looked into RealEx Payments, not as bad as Worldpay but they too were looking for something between $10,000 and $15,000.
        Do what you can to work things out with Paypal, they are cocky becuase they can afford to be. Paypal equals confidence from your purchasers - personally i wouldn't use anything other than Google Checkout, Paypal or one of the biggest merchant account/payment gateway solutions. I've surfed away from many sites at the checkout when I didn't recognise the payment provider and other than those I just mentioned I don't recognise any of the other mentioned in this thread.
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    If you think PayPal is bad now, you should have had an account with them before eBay bought them. Man, they were pirates. One way to stay in PayPal's good graces is to always under promise and over deliver. It's worked for my since 2000.
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