I'm looking for a group of people who need help with IM...

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I am thinking about creating a group of people
who are new to this IM world, and are facing
problems getting started with it. This group can
have a maximum of 10 people, maybe lesser than
that... We'll see.

Right now I plan this for 2 weeks.

Here's what I plan to do...

1. Take 1 question a day from each of them and
answer it... In case I know the answer. In case I
don't, I will do the research to find out. Maybe from
some friends.

2. Talk to them for 30 minutes each week via Skype
and help them with their biggest problems with their
businesses online.

3. Review their websites through Camtasia videos...

Why am I doing this?

1. Helps me create content and help some people in
need of help at the same time. I will post this content
on my BLOG, Youtube etc. and that will automatically
help me in driving traffic over to my websites.

2. I was thinking of forming a team of 4 professionals
with whom I can work on my largest ever IM project...
And yes, I need to know these people before hand. I
really want to work with people that I know myself,
and find suitable for the partnership with me.
Maybe I will find them through this process.

3. If this helps the ten people I select thoroughly
enough, then along with some income proof I will throw
up a sales letter and keep this consultancy thing on...
While increasing the traffic to my websites at the same
time. I might offer the same thing as a WSO at 497 for
a month, but lets see how this works out first.

4. Obviously I will record the Skype Mastermind calls and
maybe sell them for a good price.

5. Last but not the least... Relastionships with future IM

Who can be a part of the team?

1. Someone who has at least a couple of hours for IM business,
has some money to spenmd on Domain names, hosting,
Autoresponders etc. Note.. I am not asking for any
money from you... If you are broke, please do not consider
this offer.

2. Someone who takes action and is not embarrassed to
ask questions about the problems they are facing.

3. Someone who really thinks hand holding will help them.

4. Someone who considers themselves a fast learner, and has a
little bit of basic knowledge about the Internet... If you found the
Power button on your caBINET yesterday, then this is certainly
not for you.

5. Easygoers only. I do not want to work with someone who is
convinced of their own methods and believe too strongly in
them even if they are not working for them at all or at best
are mediocre.

6. You must know this.. MONEY LOVES SPEED.

7. Someone who has no problem with the fact that their website
and their name will be published or popularised along with mine...
Although that is free publicity, might be a problem for some for
reasons unknown to anyone but themselves.

How to go about it? Any one of the following ways..../

1. Send me a PM

2. Post your interest/questions about the enrolment
here on this thread.

That's it... Any questions? Post them here in the thread below...


P.S. I might just remind you that I need to have only those people
who have some decent number of questions.... Not one per week...
and not twenty questions daily certainly.


Did I just forgot to mention that I will be posting replies to the questions
on my blog? In case you said yes, well, you know now.
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