A Little Tech Help Please - Uploading Audio To Blog

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Let me just say in advance how grateful I am to you Warriors. Even before posting this I can be 99% sure that some Warrior straight from heaven will jump in with a response.

This truly is the greatest forum ever and I'm eternally grateful.

Now on to my question.

I've got an mp3 file on my computer.

I've got a blog. A Wordpress.org blog on a domain I own.

I'd like to have that audio appear on the blog with a player that most everyone will be able to use successfully.

Using Google these were the best instructions I found yet:

(V.2) How To: Upload and Stream Your MP3s Through Your Wordpress.com Blog -- For Free

I like the looks of that Wordpress player. But will these instructions work for a Wordpress. ORG site? These appear to be just for Wordpress.com sites.
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