What's the difference between article and landing page?

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Hi, fellow warriors,

I just read a thread about a guy who get tons of traffic from article marketing but no sale. He submited articles to EZA, Articlesbas, and Buzzle and dominated the first page of SERPs. He used redirecting method which means he just bought a cheap .info domain and redirect this domain to his clickbank offer.

Then, many warriors here gave him a suggestion to direct his traffic to a landing page, and then from landing page, direct his traffic to the offer.

I just don't understand what's the difference between an article and a landing page?

IMO, landing page is used to do pre-sell. But we can do it with our articles, right?

If we go articles-----> landing page route, what should we write in articles, and what should we write in landing page?

His niche is how to get pregnant.

So there are two ways to promote the offer:

A.) Articles( tips or methods to get pregnant)----> Clickbank offer

B.) Articles( tips or methods to get pregnant)----->Landing page( more tips and methods to get pregnant? )-----> Clickbank offer

I don't know why the second way will create more sales.

Can anyone make it more clear?

Much thanks!
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    Any input are welcome. Thanks
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    Yes your article is the presell/landing page. Adding the same text on another landing page is a bit redundant. If you do test one out, don't put the same exact info they read in the article. Maybe just list the merchant, their address, the biggest benefit or two, and you're affiliate link
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    Hi Tycoon, it's only been 1 hour, be patient you will get answers; in fact here's one now!

    The reason why they'd be recommending sending traffic to a landing page is so that you can capture the potential customers details; meaning you build a list instead of sending YOUR traffic to an offer that may not convert.

    It works like this:
    If you send the traffic from your articles to a landing page with some good info, that then says 'signup to get my free ebook on the niche' or 'enter your email for more free info', chances are people are more likely to enter their information for something free rather than something that is forcing them to buy.

    Another great thing about this as I mentioned above is you build a list. So even if they don't continue through to the next page, which is your clickbank offer redirect; you have their email. You can send out a quick message with some more free tips, but also promote or hint at the clickbank offer again.

    Hope that makes sense to you
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    Article - Any information, statistics, news or history can be called an article. An article will not have any product specific or service specific keywords.

    Landing Page -This is a page where you will have your Sales copy. Sales copy defines your product and should create an impulse for the viewer to buy your product or service.

    A landing page will be on your site while an article maybe distributed elsewhere

    Hope this helps
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      I think some of this has been covered, but here's my perspective...

      Your article gets traffic from SERPS and other sources, they read it and click your link.

      NOW they are YOUR visitor, because they are going wherever you want them to go. If you send them to a squeeze page to opt in to get more information you can start building a list of people who like your info.

      And MANY more people will enter their email address into a form than buy a product, so once they are on your list, you can deliver more high quality content to them and suggest your product as a way to learn more.

      You could even use your landing page as an optin, and after they do, redirect them to the sales page. Should always focus on building your list, it's the best long-term asset you can have.
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    Wow, thanks everyone. I really appreciate all your input here. Now I am more clear about why we should use landing page.
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    Lets put it this way after people read his article people agrees with what his article saying but not in the mood of purchasing or not convinced enough to reach their buying decision so what 's next let them go to your landing page or squeeze page to read more preselling content and same time get their contact information, once you have their information you can offer them your product or service anytime you want to.

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