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Hi, I need help with critic to review my website for opinion to make it better.
for new design and content editing. Thanks to all critics. cashboxonline.com
Kind regards,
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    Its horrible, its spammy, its crammed with ad's and affiliate links. It offers 0 value except to your pocket when someone buys, it just hurtful on the eyes...

    What happened to throwing up a nice wordpress theme, offering a couple of pages of good quality content and subtly putting links into your affiliates =/
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    Ouchies - my eyes are bleeding

    Less is more when it comes to website design. Aim for a minimalistic feel yet something that has web presence and authority.

    It's far too crammed up.. perhaps you're trying to do too much all at once?

    By limiting the options you give to your website visitors.... you are actually increasing the chances of them actually doing something on your website (other than closing it)

    I hope that helps.
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      Thanks. Kind regards,
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    This is not a good look. Far too busy. I agree it would make you eyes bleed and looks spammy. Couldn't find one thing that would keep me there. Making it cleaner will attract more traffic but it needs major surgery.
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    I think there is WAY too much going on at the same time. Information is good, but this goes beyond information. When you try to give a visitor too many options on the home page, and none seem catchy enough, they will simply leave.

    Consider concentrating on one product and selling it better.
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    Reach for the sunglasses! Get rid of that background, you want people to read your content don't you. It detracts from it, I'm not even going to read the text and nor will many others.

    As for the title, get rid of "welcome to" and "where you will find" thats waste. What is the chief benefit? Sell it in the headline with a punch as opposed to an apology!
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