The Unbelievable Truth About Internet Marketing

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I've been there. you've been there. We have all been in the position where no matter what we try, not a single cent is made from the most drastic of online methods. This is the very reason why so many newbies quit the internet marketing game so early on.

This is exactly the reason why most people never make it online. They work at it for 3 months and expect the world. I mean come on, Amazon alone took 5 years to make a profit. It is so disappointing to see people throw away their potential in the blink of an eye.

I suppose this is what separates the successful people on this earth from the mediocre people who spend their lives dreaming about success but never do much about it.

Internet marketing is a tough nut to crack. For starters the competition is amazingly fierce as half the population jumps on the bandwagon with hopes of
that million dollar payday. Then comes the horrible aspect of this business where so much junk is thrown in your face that you eventually start to just buy every bit of random information without really ever putting that information into practice. Oh and by the way so much of that information is total nonsense that its almost funny.

We need to focus on a goal and live, eat, breath, sleep that goal until it is successful. Never give up on internet marketing because you don't make anything in the beginning. Everything comes to those who wait.

Anyway just a few thoughts I had on my mind
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    The hardest thing for people to grasp is that you can't just put up a site and expect to be making money. When I got in the game the first time, traffic seemed easier to come by. Today it is a much more involved process and this is what gets a lot of newbies. I'm still struggling with getting the formula right to drive consistent, quality traffic to my sites. But I'm doing better every day.

    Like a brick and mortar business, if you don't have traffic to your storefront, you won't sell anything.
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      You have hit the proverbial nail on the head. A website is like a shop on the street corner. If the street corner is busy than business may boom. Traffic generation has always been my biggest challenge but like you I am getting better all the time. This is a tough game but we shall win
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      Hey, good post, but there are lots more reasons that newbies back out. If you look back to the early 90's some guys started finding out that they could do this, and do that, on their computers and with their money and ideas, and people started flocking around, they began raking a bunch of money. Google happened at that point, and Ebay etc.

      Today it just ain't the same anymore and the things they wrote in their training books back then just can't help anyone today, except perhaps the principles.

      I think not to wait for things to come even though it does take time and investment to turn a profit. I don't think you meant sit on the porch and wait until your business grows, but more, stay in long enough to harvest. So everything doesn't come to those who wait but everything comes to those who keep plugging!
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    I agree on some of the points you made. I think that part of the reason I've stuck around in this "game" for so long is because I've got a lot of persistence. I learned a lot from trial and error. People who start out trying to make $100 per day before they've even reached $1 per day aren't going to be as likely to stick around.
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    So true Andrea. I admit that in the beginning of my internet marketing career I was one of those people who wanted $100 a day from the word go. I however quickly learned the hard way! Yup, persistence is the only way.
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    I would have to agree with people giving up way too easily. I wouldn't say it's any harder now then it was in the past. It's DIFFERENT but not harder. The same fundamentals still apply and will always apply when it comes to marketing.
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    I don't think that as a general rule, everyone back outs because they are expecting a super huge payout right away. People back out because they need to make a living! If someone is working their tails off for weeks on end, or months and months and this equates to pennies, it's easy to see why some would at that point throw in the towel and grab the first guaranteed paying job that they could find. I'm not saying that it's the right thing to do, but it's understandable.

    Sometimes people just can't make it work. Either they aren't good at writing, or they haven't found the right information to make everything click. They may be making website after website but if the sales on those websites don't convert, they aren't making money.

    The problem is that if people don't make money, they question the ones teaching the methods. Do the ones teaching the methods REALLY make money from what they teach, or are they making money solely from the teaching? Once people lose that trust, that's when "newbies" or anyone else for that matter is going to jump ship and turn to another method.

    It's true you need to make your first dollar online... but you need to make more than a dollar to live!
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    Originally Posted by Mark Lindsay View Post

    We need to focus on a goal and live, eat, breath, sleep that goal until it is successful. Never give up on internet marketing because you don't make anything in the beginning. Everything comes to those who wait.

    Anyway just a few thoughts I had on my mind
    Thanks for the pep talk..I needed this today. Esp after a rotten day at my "day job." (my real motivation to make this work!)
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    It is a known fact that having the discipline to focus on one system and taking consistent action is the key to getting results.

    1) First thing to do is to follow a system that is proven to work.

    2) This is the cycle that I see:

    Work => Traffic => Subscribers => Sales

    Most people wanted consistent sales but they are not prepared to be consistent work.

    Base on cycle above, consistent sales means that consistent work is required.

    Thanks for sharing, Mark


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    Many factors determine the success of any business....
    Perseverance obviously is necessary...however many other factors have to be on target.....
    Things like ...right market and right product and right promotion....
    Too many folks do not get the parts to fit together and still expect to do big bucks overnight...

    A brick front business is not expected to break into the black for at least a year.....and that is with adequate financial backing.....and a good business plan...

    Too many people jump into the online business thing that have no real idea how to run a business....they heard how easy it is to do.... happens and they quit.....

    Help for new marketers

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